Friday, June 30, 2017


I once knew a storyteller, who told stories to the people around him. Because he believed that reality can sometimes be cruel, so he wrote in verses and hymns. He spoke of beauty and of heart, he spoke of courage and of honor and of art. He steadily as the sun shone and as honestly as the rain falls, straight down bothered only by the wind that blows. Even then, with the wind, the rain was not hindered but rather danced with the wind.

I once knew a storyteller who made people laugh. People smile, tilt their head to the side and awed at his ability to tell a story with candor and finesse.

Then something happened to the very same storyteller. After some time he grew dark and he grew dim. And slowly his stories faded. And replaced by reality. When people asked what happened, he said "the world needs the truth, if we shield our children with fairy-tales and stories, they will never grow knowing what the world is actually like."

So he stopped telling stories, and talked about the worst things in life, the hands that were stained with blood in the name of God, the definition of friendship as seen by the devil, a vessel fit for two in happy times and only fitting for one in turbulent times.

So one day as the storyteller sat across a table with drink in hand in front of me, I was overwhelmed by the need and curiosity to ask him:- "What happened?"

and he said....

"I grew up..."

The storyteller was now a man.

And when he was little, he spoke of many things, true and untrue, but mostly of beauty and heart, of courage, of honor and of art. As he grew the world robbed him of his imagination. And now he has stopped telling the stories. Now he tells people what he believes to be necessary. He doesn't tell stories anymore. And do you know what you call a storyteller who doesn't tell stories?

A person who whines.

'Posted by' jadi tak betul sudahhh

Aiseyy... I was trying to update the labels for Hanafee's old posts and when i changed the labels suddenly all the posts with his signatures became my signature!

It should be "Posted by Hanafee"... now dah jadi "Posted by Sabrina" pulakkk. Apa ni blogspot?! What have you done? Kan dah tak betulll.... padahal bukan sab yg tulis pun... ish, tak suka lah bila info jadi tidak tepat ni. Boleh mengelirukan orang tau. 

Hahaha. Little things like this pun nak emo. Kikikiki. 
Takdelah.. emo few secs je, bukan emo 24hours... LOL. 

Anyway, for old posts, trust the label ok - if it says Hanafee's writings, then it is. Just ignore 'Posted By Sabrina' tu. Grrr, 

Hmm... or maybe i will just hide the "Posted by" 
Settle. Hihi

Ok da~ 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Syawal 1438H


It's already the 5th day of Eid Al-Fitr. 
Hope it's still not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya!!

How's your raya? Seronok? Bosan? Biasa je?

Tahun ni, tahun ke-5 Sab and Hanee sambut raya without Daddy. But it's okayyy. We still have Atoks, Uncles and Brothers around~ =) 

Raya di Johor aja kita. Bila ntah dapat raya jauh. Adakah rezeki? Hanya Allah yg Maha Tahu. 
Dulu berangan nak raya Kedah.. berangan nak raya Sabah... coz of late husband's parents asalnya dari Kedah and Sabah. Tapi tinggal angan-angan aja lah. Huhu. 

It's okay, kalau Sab panjang umur, memang Sab akan bawak Hanee pergi Sabah sana. Amin! But one of late husband's uncle that's in my list to meet sudah passed away last week.. I remember him cause dia datang dari jauh to our wedding in 2011. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiuunn. =(

This year i did not buy any baju raya for myself. Kasut raya pun tiada. Bukan sebab dah beli awal atau apa. Memang tak beli pun. This year, i pakai apa yang ada and i felt happy and bersyukur. =)

However i did buy baju raya for Hanee. kat Tesco. Hahaha, kelakar rasanya. Tiada apa yang nak dimalukan anyway, still cute and cantik-cantik apa. Murah lagi. Adalah 2 pasang baju kurung cotton bunga-bunga and beberapa baju jalan.

And rupa-rupanya, itulah perasaannya... apabila emak abah tidak kisah mereka tiada baju baru, asalkan anak dapat baju baru..kasut raya baru.. =)

Hmm, teringat dulu kecik-kecik, emak abah selalu macam dapat bagi apa yang sab nak... padahal entah-entah mak abah susah payah cari duit supaya sab and adik beradik dapat apa yang kami nak.. =(

Anyway, am still not sure whether this year nak buat open house or not. We'll see lah whether got budget terlebih. Not wajib pun kan? =P . Plus, my house is always open for kawan-kawan to come visit and lepak apa... tak perlu tunggu raya to open the house. Hihi. 

Before i end this post, jomlah kita kumpul duit for ibadah Korban pula ok? Tak dapat seekor, sebahagian pun tidak apa.

Okies bai~