Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wah! Sudah day 30 in year 2011! Tomorrow is 31st and then comes 1st February. Time is running fast huh? What have you accomplished so far?

I still have things-to-settle-list that i haven't strikethrough yet! Cuak itu ada. Risau itu pasti ada. But it's ok... stay calm.. stay calm...and carry on. Fuh! We can't control everything, can we? Stop being a control freak, Sabrina! Huhu.

Resolutions. Yes, actually i wanna share my resolutions with you. With the hope that you would help me by reminding me in case i forget about the resolutions. Like "Hey Sabrina, act on it! It's on your list, remember?" Ha...something like that.

So here we go... things i wanna pay a little bit more attention to:

Me and God - Sembahyang. Mengaji.
Me and Me - Make colorful cute crafts. Memasak. BMW-bijak mengurus wang. Hehe.
Me and Human - Keep quiet, sit, sleep or do something colorful cheerful peaceful when angry.

Okai, that's all. Senang tak? Can you help me?

Monday, January 24, 2011

38 and counting...

38 days! =O

50% Excited. 50% Scared.

Dup dap dup dap dup dap.....

Will there be any difference?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Who is it that is gonna marry ni? Me or them?
What's wrong in wanting something simple?
Who's paying that vendor? Us. Not them.

Stop pushing and pressuring me!!!!!!

Voicing out own ideas and wants is prohibited. It's considered kurang ajar and tak dengar kata. Talking about money is also prohibited. It's considered berkira.
But when you keep thoughts to yourself and say yes all the time, that is considered bagus and solehah.


When i say i dont want. I dont want.
Tolong faham boleh tak?

Angah, please make them understand.

Sakit lah. Sakit.

Monday, January 17, 2011

i fell asleep i fell asleep i fell asleep i fell asleep i fell asleep i fell asleep i fell asleep i fell asleep

Aku tertidur sampai lena terlepas untuk mengucapkan selamat hari lahir kepada tersayang dan dia terpaksa menunggu aku 3 jam selepas jam 12 tengah malam dan reason aku tertidur bukan kerana aku sengaja atau mahu buat surprise tetapi adalah kerana aku adalah seorang Perempuan yang Paling Jauh dari Penghargaan. Menuding jari ke wang dan jarak adalah sesuatu yang bodoh kerana sepatutnya aku boleh berbuat sesuatu.


Dear Hanafee,
Masih sudikah awak menjadi suami saya?
Selamat Hari Jadi.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Astro First

Weee~ Now we can watch latest local movies at home!
15 ringgit per movie, not per person okeh. Boleh tgk ramai dengan datuk nenek pakcik makcik kawan kawan. Merapatkan Silaturrahim. =)
12 different viewing time! Boleh tgk puas puas, ulang ulang.
Non stop for 2 days! Saturday & Sunday? Monday and Tuesday? It's your call.
Langganlah Astro First Channel 480.

Ter-promote pulak. Hehe.

Watched Ngankung, Damping Malam and Aku Masih Dara with families yesterday. Best best. =D
It's a good feeling having to spend time with mom dad and siblings macam ni. Ketawa2 because we are so jakun dgn Astro First! Cam kampong ar kami. Rumah pun memang dah cam kampong. Haha.

Ngangkung was hilarious! Love the doctor's approach in giving advices. Lesson learnt: Sayangilah keluarga dan jauhilah nombor ekor!

Damping Malam was a bit slow at first but it's getting interesting towards the end. It's a family movie. A good reminder not to venture into the dark world...

Aku Masih Dara was awesome! Yes sexy clothes, daring acts... but whateva. It's the message that counts. I love the scripts and scenarios... it's happening in our society close and so true... hmmph. what's up with the colorful bottle huh? Hehe. Because i wanna say to you...Have a Rainbowy Sunday with family and friends! Go go get the Astro First Now!! Da~

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Masuk Tahun 2011 sudah...... how's your new year, readers? =)

Don't be too happy celebrating it, because we never know whether you u'd gonna smile or cry towards the end...

2011 started bad? It's ok... this is just the beginning, we still have 364 days to make the ending awesome!

Betul tak? *smiles*

Terus....pardon me for this typical question: Apa azam tahun baru? hehe