Saturday, August 28, 2010


Its been awhile since Ive written anything. Sabrinas' been bugging me about it and i thought it would be good to write again. before that some updates:-

I watched a TV series and someone said
"Youre a writer... you must have a copy of something resembling a book somewhere..."

So i did exactly that. I have begun to write the book i have been contemplating about. The title is still in discussion but I kinda named it "I am Racists?" and hoping it wouldnt be too much to take for the Malaysian reader.

Anyway most of my writing energy is going into the book, currently writing the 4th chapter. so heres a scribble, a bit of poetry just to keep my lighter side of writing sane.

Dreaded Past

Im going too fast,
running away from a past,
hoping to escape it finally, at last.
until the moment the dye is cast,
ill remain steady, ill remain steadfast,

Im not afraid of the past,
its similar to a field, large and vast,
it was fun at first, it was a blast,
but its the past,
and its moving fast,
but im still hoping to escape it finally, at last.

The fast past wont last,
i wont let the shadow be cast,
Im looking ahead,
the tears of happiness that has yet been shed,
the steps i havent taken, the steps i havent tread.

I know i will love the moment i look up at the sky,
in the future, I hope ill fly,
and be in love... until the day i die.

Hanafee Abdul Rahman

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa!!

What a loooong hiatus!!

We've been busy.... Hanafee's busy making money while i am busy sleeping and spending the money! hahaha. Kidding. Nah.... But it's partially true. =P

Anyway, Selamat Berpuasa everyone! I know I know.. sudah Ramadhan 12, but hey, better late than never wish at all! =D

I got no idea what picture to share with you. So just enjoy the blue and yellow colors below ya! (Our engagement theme. Hehe) Got to go finish my readers' items. Da~