Thursday, May 27, 2010


  1. I can't believe that i have no time to blog anymore.......... I miss this HanafeeSabrina. =(
  2. When i am writing, I type and delete, type and delete, and then google definition, google words... just to make sure what i write is ok and the grammar is correct. But heck, it is so time consuming and i think i have no-confidence-in-writing disease. Damn. I hate the fact that i am not a good writer but I'm awesome in editing and proofreading. =P
  3. I'm already involved in 6 projects and the 7th is knocking at my door. Too many business processes to install in my mind. I feel like my hand is already full but it is safe to say that everything is still under control. My own expectation is high and i don't wanna disappoint myself.
  4. I don't know what to blog anymore. I wanted to blog about my engagement but it feels personal, I wanted to blog about work but it feels confidential. I wanted to blog about what i see, what i hear, what i think.... but then... why should i blog about it? Why? Why do i have to share with everyone and make it public? Why? There are things that we should just keep to ourselves. Because the moment we let it out, it might change something. And that something is very subjective.
  5. I don't like this post. Too many "I"s.
  6. Hmmph. It took me hours to finish this post. *sighs*
  7. That's it. I filter my words.
  8. Whatever.
  9. Ok. I think i should stop now.
  10. Bye.