Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to be a worst girlfriend

It was on the loo when i thought of....."Oh crap! I forgot to do a birthday post for my boyfriend!" And people, that is the 1st point on how to be a worst girlfriend. Let's continue to number two.

2. Melambat-lambatkan ucapan "Happy Birthday" when he's already showing you the time with his handphone that it's already 12.15 mid night.
3. Let him pay for all the things and meals on his birthday.
4. Not even buying him a cake or presents or gifts.
5. Making him drive you to your uncle's house so that you can spend time with your family instead of him on his birthday.
6. Say something that shock him while driving till he lost his temper at you.
7. Making him withdraw money from his card because your card's chip is outdated.

In other words, no special treatment on his birthday. Oh, how teruk i am to Hanafee. *kecewa* And so am gonna write something for him.

Dear Hanafee/Glow giver/Superman/Boyfriend/Husband,

I'm sorry I've been bad. I am probably the worst girlfriend in the list but i know it's because i am so worst i am tatooed in your mind you can't leave me. Heh. =P

Happy Birthday. Thank you for being so patient with me and for being so cool and comforting everytime i needed you.

Please stay healthy and strong. Please don't smoke. I'm gonna keep on throwing and hiding the cigs and making arrogant faces in front of your friends just because you keep on smoking regardless in front of me or not. I am clever. I've been living with a smoker for 24 years i know how a smoker smells.

I'm going to stay with you no matter what, no matter how bad i am, i will stay. And i hope you too. And I'm gonna keep on reminding myself to begin with the end in mind so that i won't hurt you in the future.

Please don't work too hard till you fall sick. I love you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Experience on Job hopping

10 Largest Malaysian Companies by Market Cap . My former "teacher" and current "opportunity giver" are in the list. Rasa happy *smiles*. Which is which? That's confidential. =P

1. Sime Darby (RM53.9 billion)
2. Maybank (RM48.6 billion)
3. CIMB (RM46 billion)
4. Maxis (RM40.3 billion)
5. Public Bank (RM39.9 billion)
6. IOI Corp (RM36.5 billion)
7. Tenaga Nasional (RM36.5 billion)
8. MISC (RM31.3 billion)
9. Genting (RM27.2 billion)
10. Axiata (RM25.8 billion)

My first job hopping experience was full of doubts, fears and almost tears. I never thought i would job hop but i did. The Opportunity just came knocking on my door when i was comfortably working with "teacher".

I did feel sad when i made up my mind to leave. It wasn't an easy decision because i loved my work. i loved the salary. i loved the environment. I loved the people. I loved the canteen, the office, the surau... I loved everything! (tipulah if i said i never whined. i did whine but a good one =P).

So why did i still leave the "teacher"? Because i want to improve myself. That's it. Stepping out of the comfortable zone is the way to go. Big money is also what i was eyeing for haha but that's not the main reason. What i want and need right now is KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and SKILLS. And "Opportunity" offers me that. New knowledge, new experience and new skill excites me! *roars* Hahaha. but hey. i am serious. *muka serious tetiba lepas ketawa*

How about you? Ever job hopping before? or ever plan to job hop? Kalau yes, make sure you do it for the right reason. Otherwise, you wouldn't get Happiness.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When a couple shares a blog.....

Sorry for the long "pause". Hanafee and Sabrina are doing fine. *smiles* Thank you.

Anyway, the problem when a working couple shares a blog;

Woman: Sekarang ni I have no time to update the blog lah. Can u please update our blog? Jangan tulis panjang sangat, u will scare the readers. *laughs*

Man: What? I have no time too! And i don't know what to write. Awak lah tulis. Awak kan banyak idea.

Woman: Saya? Alah... How ni? Nanti readers lari... *muka sedih mcm ini suatu isu yg besar*

Man: Hahaha. Like we have many readers je...

Woman: Adalah! Kak noi and manje! Hehehee. And silent readers? We never know right? Hehe.

Friday, January 8, 2010


That dark cloud hovers over,
like a distant story between lover,
but with an act it got closer,
so close... that tonight feels a lot more darker.

I cannot sleep so i wonder,
tomorrow the cloud will clear or will it get darker,
you took the liberty of calling the cloud over,
and i am scared because i thought those moments were over.

My heart bleeds like no other,
but only because i dont like how,
my life right now seems darker,
but its much worst because you wonder,
where he was while i suffer.

I thought i had gotten better,
but after that night, that night that got darker,
i realize the trust that made me stronger,
has now unbelievably made me weaker.

So I sit tonight unable to sleep,
scared more than ever,
that maybe youre still looking for him while i suffer.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Office here, office there

I am right now at the big bad scary city. A change of working environment is good for you, even though if it’s just for 3 days. *smiles*

What I like about working in this city is you can come late to work and then go back early. Thank you traffic jams! *evil grin*

What I like about the office I am working at is its toilet. It’s clean and dry and it will never run out of tissue. *happy face*

What I don’t like about the office is I can’t see greeneries *sads*. It’s so freaking cold here and quiet. I am surrounded by creamy white walls. Urgh. Tertekan ok. Now I can see why city people are stressful.

But hey, no matter where we work, there are always pros and cons.

It’s not the office, it’s ME, and it’s YOU.

So chin up, smile and face the day sunshine!

p/s: We have the tendency to want something which is bad for us and to hate something which is good for us. Think deep and be thankful.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Few would have the privilege to say that 2009 was a good year. Even I, having looked at 2009 found very few to be happy about. None the less. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger. We are supposedly stronger than we were the year before and we are supposedly still here to fight for another year. I always start my new year reminiscing about my dads words.

"With a new day comes new strength to soldier on, and with a new year comes new hope."

Always i have used these words to get me through the year. But something occured to me while i was writing this article. It is time to make my own words. My own phrase which i can one day pass down to my children as a legacy. Something to remember me by. I couldnt decide though on what to particularly write or say. So, I want all of you to decide. A good chance to if anyone is actually reading. Leave a comment selecting the best phrase that you think best suits this blog.

"A new year gives you another 365 days to be awesome!"


"A new year is the opportunity to re-do last year, only better and awesomer"


"Let the past 365 days be the measurement in which you will surpass yourself. My young padawan. (Ive always wanted to write a star wars preference)


"Be born in any year but be awesome every year"


"Find love, compassion, trust, friendship, loyalty, bravery in the new year, and next year, find more of it."

So those are just some that Ive thought of throughout the night. What better way to end the year then to give people a chance to read about all the things you believe a new year represents. Just our little way of telling everyone reading, Happy New Year. 2010 can be awesome, but only if you make it awesome! Bye!!!!!