Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Storyteller Yasmin - You will Be Remembered

On the 25th Of July 2009, Malaysia, lost one of its best daughter. She has colored the lives of Malaysians despite all the current going against her. She was a stern person, some would go as far as calling her a bitch, but it was those few characteristics that made her extraordinary. On the 26th of July, we laid her to rest.

She gave us love in Gubra and Sepet, redefine love with music in talentime. Always asking the big question of why cant we all just get along??

To Yasmin...

You are hard, stern, immeasurably filled with controversies, yet you face everything with finesse and elegance. Your lost is a lost for humanity, your passing is the death of questioning mediocrity. In a society filled of conformity and stereotypes, you rose above you ranks and proved that different is unique, different is to be celebrated not feared, and for that you will forever be remembered in our memories.

Yasmin Ahmad
(July 1958 - July 2009)
Friend, Mother, Sister, Poet

Wednesday, July 22, 2009




(tak rasa lagi but at least nampak macam sedap)



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Have a colorful weekend!!

Dear (say your name here),

Please consider these colorful rocks as my gift to you.

If you feel like your life is colorless, think of this gift.
I hope and wish you have a bright colorful day on this Sunday.
No matter how tired you are, think of my colorful rocks.
I can make you smile and color you life beautiful.

p/s: Which color do you like?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kari Crowe Photography

Nampak tak tu? Kehijauan kehijauan kehijauan!! Berangan nak buat macam ini....but in my dream je la.. =(

At this moment, Hanafee is in stadium with his brothers watching their favorite team Manchester United VS Malaysia. Mesti dia sedang buat bising di stadium itu. He claimed he hates crowded places but right now he's in stadium. Hehehe.

Sorry for the intro which has got nothing to do with the title. *Maaf*

I would like to promote this one website which is....


I subscribe the website with my Google Reader because I LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS SHE CAPTURED!!! Sangat cantik ok. Perfect.

Ada tak sesiapa yang boleh ambil gambar macam dia? Or ada kenal sesiapa yang boleh ambil gambar cam kari crowe tu?? Do let me know eh? *smiles*

Question of the day: Why oh why omputih punye wedding macam simple yet classy and macam tak banyak makan duit je??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Noisy Office

If you can't change them.
You change.
I stay quiet.
I get out of the place.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Underworked and Overpaid

When Sabrina messaged me complaining that she was under worked and overpaid, I laughed my ass off. It was funny, the boredom was getting to her and i thought it was ironically funny that people nowadays found it something to whine about. (Kalau org dulu dorg punyer complain terbalik). Overworked and underpaid.

I stood up in the office and looked around my office. For those of you who are not familiar with this blog... firstly - We're the coolest and if you've only read about us for the first time, where have you been your whole life?? hahahha and secondly, i work as a Jr. Lecturer in a private college in KL. Standing up i saw few of the brightest minds I have ever met either fixed on a screen of scrabble game, some pikachu tile game and women are digging those cooking games (potong-potong sayur then masak, aku panggil game anti-feminis mintak perempuan conform).

Then it occured to me, we are a generation of whiners. Even in my office people whine.

"Bosannya takder keje"
"Bosannya ader keje"

If whining was an Olympic sport we'd win gold hands down. I see comfortable heads on small cushions wrapped in a gold threaded casing (alah kalau org bersanding dorg guna lapik tangan tu) nasib baik bunyi macam kucing tido, kalau bunyi macam kereta kebal mau mengamuk bos aku. Itu referring to dengkuran yang comel gadis gadis yang tak kisah tetido.

So are we that imfamous generation destined for mediocrity and un-greatness. Destined to be stuck in a dead end job for ages only to realize at 40 that, our capacity has never been challenged much less used in the past 4 decades.

I for one choose not to sit down and do nothing. There are some boring work stuff im working on so ill skip that hahah. Im also learning how to make those origami swans!!! always wanted to learn but thought it was too girly and afraid my friends would think it was too girly. Try telling me that to my face now (raising my fist to the air).

One more, i found this online war game at Envoy.com fun im at server 23 people if you wanna find me. Lowcross Lionheart hahahah so there, two things im doing just to fill the time hehe byeeeee people.......

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Organizing Tips

Left: Customize-kan laci kita dengan bekas-bekas yang pelbagai saiz yang kita boleh ubah ikut suka hati kita. So bila buka laci, mata pun redup je tgk barang-barang tersusun rapi. Kita nak ambil and cari pun senang. Ye tak?

Right: Bagi yang tak reti nak duduk at one place masa buat kerja, kaedah dulang ini amat sesuai. Letaklah segala macam benda yang kita selalu guna. Nak buat kerja kat dapur senang, kat ruang tamu senang, kat depan tv senang, angkat je dulang tu kemana-mana. Hehe.

Ini macam cute jugak kan? Lekat kat dinding. Pelbagai saiz.

Sekian sahaja segmen dekorasi dari host anda, Sabrina. Hahaha.
Hanafee tiada, dia pergi outstation. Eceh eceh.

Beautiful and Sexy

Pictures from here.


I love this one!!
But I am skinny... and if I wear black I will look even more skinnier!!!

Anyway. what do you think of the pictures?


Bilamana kau tengah bersemangat mahu update blog di bilik sendiri dan tetiba wireless slow nak mampus kau akan rasa macam watdehel or watdefak?? Hish

Lalu kau pun pergi ke bilik adik lelaki di sebelah bilik kau dan bertanya "Angah dapat internet?" dan dia kata "Dapat, laju jek" dan kau mula merasa macam apekes ni??? Padahal bilik kau berada di tengah dan kenapa bilik adik kau yang berada di belakang pulak dapat signal dengan jelas??

Lalu kau pun berkata kepada abah kau "Why bilik akak tak dapat internet ni??" yang mana
abah kau menjawab dengan selambe "Angah dapat tu" seperti memandang kes kau tidak serius.

Lalu dengan muka toya kau pun pergi ke komputer di ruang tamu sebab kau tahu kat ruang tamu guna P1wimax dan ia tersangatlah laju ketika bersignal hijau dan ketika kau sedang asyik berblogging tetiba abah kau datang dan berkata "Hey, pergi guna laptop sendiri"

Lalu kau menjadi emo tidak tentu hala dan bangun dengan muka ketat merajuk hanya kerana bilik kau tidak dapat internet. Arrghhhhh~!!!!!

p/s: Entri ini ditulis menggunakan komputer di ruang tamu kerana pada ketika ini abah masih sedang tidur jadi dia tak guna komputer wahahaha.