Friday, May 29, 2009

Tersebutlah kisah...

aku bosan,
engkau menyusahkan,

"Kenapa begitu?
bukankah dahulu kau yang mahu aku?
Tolonglah bertahan,
cinta aku bukan mainan"

gadis masih berfikiran yang sama,
"Aku mahu kau pergi juga"

Sedihnya lelaki,
hingga dia rasa
memang patut berhenti.

Gadis tersedar,
terjelepok mengenang
kesalahan sendiri,
puas pujuk rayu
hias anggun semua pun,
lelaki itu enggan kembali.


Oleh itu,
mari berfikir,
apakah pengajarannya di sini?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Apabila sudah tua...

Apabila sudah tua,
aku mahu jadi seperti ini.

sempat ke aku jadi tua?

Aku tidak mahu orang lain ganti tempat aku.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Writing For Comical Purposes

Im a lecturer at a private college in Kuala Lumpur and often at times I am faced with students who have a less than average capacity for the English language. This semester I have been teaching for the past three months the subject of Writing for Academic Purposes. A class designed to teach students to write in English as well as academically. This includes references, quoting and such.

I love my students with all the days of my life. They are my brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. they are the future of our nation. But I have to say, marking writing papers for these students can be a daunting task. So here i provide you with some minor and also major titles of these write-ups and for all my students reading, If your title was not posted, do not be disheartened, ill probably find something in the conclusion to remark you paper :D.

"Death - when you die." (she already wants me dead)
"War - Where is the love" (He claims he came up with the title all by himself)
"Our World Today - Save the earth for our good in future because the earth is only our world.' (yes this the title)
"Parents - My mom and my dads" (uh-oh)
"Hinduism - What god?" (herm?)
"Custom Community at Malay in Malaysia country"
"Custom Community at Indian in Malaysia Country" (yes they are roomates)
"Black Music and Killing Goats" (Sigh)

Dear students, I love you all, but youre going to have to step up and start writing about issues that matter and issues that are made clear. This is just for laughs and as long as it takes Im going to fix this hehe but for now, ill enjoy my job. :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One tough killer interview

"Why [company name] should hire me?"

interview. Honestly it was the hardest one, for me.

It was supposed to be a presentation followed by Q&A, but I was ordered to just talk without looking at slides. So there I was, standing in front of 4 managers, trying so hard to make an awesome introduction, but miserably failed because I was pushing myself so hard I got so nervous and blur I didn't understand what I was saying and one panel directed me to go out and cool down.

Hahaha. Yeap. That's the truth. No exaggeration.

The worst start of "selling myself" I've ever done in my life! And I was so ashamed of myself, of my worst beginning. *thinking*. At first, rasa malu nak mengaku malu, just shared the feeling with one friend only, but now I think, "Hey I learned something. Why not share it with readers? So together we can learn something from my awful experience."

Ok. After the bad start, I talked talked talked with 150% confidence, grammar hilang entah kemana tetiba, sebut strengths pun pelat sampai dibetulkan managers and not to mention the overused "I believe" phrase. =D

One panel said he's bored listening to me yet he's wide awake, smiled and laughed every time I said something.
Second panel said I was masuk bakul angkat sendiri and we laughed, I brushed it off.
Another panel pretended like he's sleeping and not listening yet he heard me when I mentioned his name.
At a certain point of the interview, he even called me "Haprak" and I replied with a smile and thank you.
All the panels laughed at me, I'm not sure whether it's a good kind of laugh or a bad one, but I laughed together with them.

One tough killer interview, indeed.

In conclusion, it was one hell of an experience. One experience to remember. One experience that motivates me to perform better and much calmer next time. =D

So, what do u think?
What's your interview experience?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In God we trust, In Humanity we believe

I dont remember whether Ive ever post this story before, but I hope people enjoy it. I heard this story somewhere, its not mine, but since i dont remember where I read it, Im gonna re-tell it likes it mine. Again I repeat, this is not my story ok?

If you live in Kuala Lumpur, you are bound to have a split personality. In one hand, you are that mild-mannered, smiling, cheerful person that everyone loves at the office. The other is the horn honking, cursing, angry car driver stuck in a traffic jam after office hours. My dad used to say that people in KL become "samsengs" when they drive but are decent human beings if they dont have a car in KL.

Working in KL I have witnessed this "transformation". I have seen office mates turning into road devils screaming down the highway and Ive seen total strangers arguing from the window of their car. Then one day, something happened. It is a well undocumented rule that if you're crossing the road while the lights are turning green, youre bound to get a honking and an earful of curses. So one day while being the first car in front of a traffic light. Watching a blind man slowly walk across the road, i thought to myself "Uh-oh he's gonna get some.." As the lights turned green the man was still in the middle of the road and all the honking got him disoriented. he was now right in the middle of the junction halting traffic from all directions and then suddenly, as if an angel had blew into the hearts of many, a revelation, everyone went quiet.

All eyes fixed on the blind man, struggling to find his way to the other side. The honking had stopped, the cursing had stopped. It was so quiet. It was so quiet that you fear, that kind of quiet might be forever, and it scared you. Then suddenly a voice shouted.

"Pakcik, Jangan jalan, and paling kanan" He did as he was told.
"Ok Pakcik Jalan straight dalam sepuluh tapak..." A female voice this time.
"Hati hati pakcik, ada lubang tengah jalan tu.. jaga jatuh..." another said
"Sikit lagi pakcik, nak sampai dah tu.." yet another voice
"tebing tu tinggi skit pakcik, hati-hati.." and the final voice.

The Pakcik got to the other side of the road safely and the line moved.

We are living today in a society that has no moral absolutes. Everyday is colored by a gray area. Good and bad are almost always the same. And even when there are morale absolutes, these black and white days almost always come with a body count. But that day, it was white. Everyone i think that day went home from that little event feeling that in all the hustle and bustle of city life, sometimes, more often than not, humanity will triumph, chivalry will triumph. If we only stopped and consider the situations, we'll probably be more inclined to do good, then to look away.

Mysterious Purple

I've never really liked purple...until now...

This post is dedicated to my friend, Inda. *smiles*
All images from David Kaplan

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Attitude

Today's attitude : Sabrina-tak-kesah.

Do what you wanna do.
Say what you wanna say.

Because Sabrina seorang yang baik hatinya.
Dia tak kesah.

*Senyum puas*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Malam Kuala Lumpur

The elbows rest gently on the window sill with a cigarette in hand. As i watched out the window. My bedroom window, the door to the world I have learned to hate and love equally at the same time. There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur. The lights from the city is too bright to let the star shine on its own. I puffed a cloud of smoke into the air, hurriedly it moves to the right following the gentle caress of the wind. Running away from the cold still air that will inevitably strangle your warmth and wrestle it to the ground. I look again at the dark sky. No stars. The sky is mixed in black and orange. The lights of the city reflected by the water the clouds have learned to contain. Only the sky on top of KL i thought, would have that color. I moved my attention towards the city itself. The seductress. The nice dresses of lights, the shiny lights of promise for a false hope. It tempts the innocent to succumb to the superficial world of material. It tempts the naive kampung boy into believing in being a star. False promises and false hope. Promises of freedom and riches. Promises of eternity. Promises of momentary happiness.

There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur sky would scare you. There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur, only those deceived by the promise of being etched in history as someone who is unique, different. The only land rid of its stars, is a land where stars go to die. Where stars humbly forget their existence and die.

There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur. There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur.

You allow yourself to be lied to for the moment of false happiness. You allow yourself to believe that it will be for eternity. Kuala Lumpurr, where the sinned go to live, and the saints go to die. Where there no stars. Is where stars go to die. A graveyard for stars.

There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur, only artists, vagabonds, story-tellers, singers, puppet masters and puppets. And their story is only about Kuala Lumpur...... and the fact that there are no stars... In Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Black can be Spacious Too!

Okay... i kinda disagreed with Sabrina's Forte that black makes the room feel small or crowded... dont remember her exact words but here are some combinations of black and red and black and white that looks nice... yeah i have a thing for everything to be in its place... so sue me!!! i like it being tidy and orderly like this.

My favs would have to be the two on top.... where Sabrina is the more Abstract one... Cant figure out the antonym for Abstract... By the Ruler???? ahahah enjoy!!

Phrase of the day

Kita semua pernah menunggu. Betul?
Menunggu cikgu masuk kelas.
Menunggu loceng habis kerja. (Ya, tempat saya bekerja akan ada bunyi macam dalam parkson untuk menandakan habis waktu bekerja. Cool tak cool? Hehe.)
Menunggu teksi, bas, keretapi.
Menunggu keputusan peperiksaan atau interview.
Menunggu teman lelaki atau teman wanita telefon.
dan maaaacam-macam Penungguan lagi lah!! (Eh? Ade ke perkataan penungguan?? Kelirulah.)

Kita tidak boleh lari dari menunggu. Kadang-kadang, nak tak nak, kita memang kena tunggu.

Bila dah menunggu, akan wujud 1001 perasaan. Betul?
Marah, Penat, Buang Masa, Sedih, Risau, Bosan Blur, Gembira, Teruja.
Merah perasaan negatif.
Biru perasaan the midde. tak negatif, tak positif.
Hijau perasaan positif.

Dan orang selalu kaitkan menunggu dengan perasaan yang negatif.
Menunggu itu satu penyiksaan lah...
Menunggu itu derita dan sengsara lah...
Menunggu itu membosankan lah...
Ya, memanglah itu betul untuk sesetengah situasi.

Tapi jangan kita lupa.
Menunggu juga menyeronokkan!!!
Menunggu jadi seronok bila kita dapat buat kerja lain masa sedang tunggu.

Menunggu boleh membuatkan kita teruja (excited) !!
Contoh menunggu yang buat kita teruja adalah:
Menunggu untuk dapat cahaya mata.
Menunggu dapat kereta baru.
Menunggu dapat gaji pertama.
Menunggu bertemu kawan-kawan lama.
Menunggu dapat hadiah.
Menunggu nak kahwin.
Ha....tak ke excited tu?

Maka, ingat kata Sabrina (EcehEceh).
Menunggu itu Seronok.
Menunggu itu Kenikmatan.
Menunggu itu Rahmat.
-Sabrina Anwar-
Senyumlah! *senyum*

Jadi, apa yang kamu sedang tunggu?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Short Story Pt. 4

I looked around waiting for sumone who was suppose to meet me like half an hour ago. Getting anxious, the movies starting in 15 minutes and i dont see him anywhere. I turned to my phone wanting to see if there were any messages. Nada, Zip, Zilch nothing... Then suddenly out of the blue i heard the voice

"Zir?? Huzir???" I looked up to see a familiar face.
"Ain???" i said unsure.
"Yeah!!!! oh my god I have not seen you in ages!!" she said excited.
"Yeah, its been years ago right?" I said recalling a faint memory.
"Yeah, you look good.." She said as she ran her hands down my arm.

The moment she touched the skin of my hand. There was an awkward silence. Words after words from her letter screaming in incoherently making sentences that did not make sense. Like a puzzle finally being done, I remembered the words.

"Its not that I dont love you or i never loved you... its just that i love him more..."

All the warmth that we shared suddenly is reminded from a touch together with all the sorrow and the deaths of everything. I looked at her as she looked at me through those aging eyes behind a sophisticated frame-less glasses. She sensed the awkwardness that ensued our exciting re-union. Then she said -

"evidently not long enough..."

Over the years I had composed lines and lines of words as weapons when i finally see her, over the years, those lines were erased and substituted by other sentences. Words of love and care. Just then i heard a voice behind me.

"Dad? Im sorry im late. there was a long line at the barber."
"Huzaifah, come here boy, there's someone i want you to meet." I said to the spiky haired 18 year-old
"This is aunty Ain, she was a good friend of mine in college..."
"Its nice to meet you aunty.... dad we're gonna be late, ill run for the popcorn ok? Its in cinema 3 ok?" He said rushing of like he was six to play with his friends.

"thats your son?" she said
"Yeah... Huzaifah...."
"He looks like you..." I turned and smiled....
"I should go now... it was nice seeing you..."
" it was nice seeing you too..." she said as i walked towards the boy of my life, as he ushered me to walk faster. My son. And i left her there, and in no circumstances, i made it clear, that if we were to meet, it will be purely coincidental.

"So how did you know aunty Ain?" My son asked as we were seating down.
"He married your uncle Khairul...."


Interior Design: Smoking HOT Red!

Entri yang lepas sudah kongsi interior design tema hijau.
Maka sekarang, tema merah pulak.

Sila pastikan anda pasang ubat nyamuk yang hebat jika mahu cat dinding warna hitam ok?

Walaupun bilik tidur gambar bawah kiri nampak cool dan redup, tetapi gabungan warna-warna tersebut akan membuatkan bilik tidur anda seperti kecil dan sempit.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cool tantrum

Okay something happened in the office today. A girl who teaches English with me threw a tantrum over some scheduling things. I have no problems with tantrums and fits happening in the office. Its a working place youre bound to be faced with the pressures and youre bound to let it snap. Not that I've ever snapped before, but i understood it. People handle pressure differently. Though its not my main point. There some things said directed at some very unfortunate people (wrong place wrong time hehe) who had to take the stick since they were there. The way it was said, was uncool. Okay i know this sounds ridiculous but at the precise moment i was thinking

"Thats a very uncool way of doing it, at least biarlah macam cool skit marah... like a dark stare or silent anger (like Hulk) or go storming at the boss (like a lose cannon)"

The way she did it was like she was whining out loud. And i thought it was funny. Ini marah ke, aper? Marah ke mengeluh kuat-kuat. Dont get me wrong, i think her tantrum was justified, she should have been angry, but if i have one advice for her is that it should be cool. Like one of those gangster movies where the mafia boss is angry but keeps that calm voice, hehe that would be cool.

I hope that when its my turn to be angry, or throw a tantrum, i'd have the decency to at least be cool when i do it hehehhe.

Which group are you in?

Kelas Zamrud, Kelas Berlian, Kelas Nilam...
Fakulti Teknologi, Fakulti Bahasa, Fakulti Kejuruteraan, Fakulti Seni...
Syarikat A, Syarikat B, Syarikat C...
Bangsa Melayu, Bangsa Cina, Bangsa India...
Agama Islam, Agama Hindu, Agama Kristian, Agama Buddha...
Parti BN, Parti PAS, Parti KEADILAN, UMNO, MCA, MIC...
Golongan Kaya, Golongan Miskin, Golongan Bijak Pandai, Golongan Tak Masuk Universiti...
Dan maaacam-macam lagi...

Kita pergi ke mana-mana pun, bila-bila masa pun, kita tak boleh lari daripada hakikat ni.
Di mana-mana sahaja, kita akan sentiasa dilabel, dikelompokkan, dikategori...
Selalunya kita dilihat sebagai ini,
Kadang-kadang, kita dilihat sebagai itu.
Ada masa kita sendiri yang jadi golongan ini,
dan masa lain pula kita berubah menjadi golongan itu.

Bukan ke itu semua hanya kumpulan? Hanya nama?

Siapa cipta kumpulan?
Siapa yang membentuk kumpulan?
Adakah kumpulan tercipta dengan sendirinya?
Ada apa dengan kumpulan?
Apa tujuan kumpulan?
Ke kumpulan memang tidak patut ada pada mulanya?

Adakah kumpulan dicipta supaya kita semua berkelahi dan bergaduh antara kumpulan?
Adakah kumpulan dicipta untuk kita memandang rendah atau tinggi pada kumpulan lain?
Atau kumpulan dicipta supaya kita saling bertanya untuk lebih faham perbezaan yang ada?
Atau kumpulan dicipta supaya dapat bergabung, dapat melengkapi yang mana tidak sempurna?

Satu sahaja persamaan.
Aku kau kita sama sahaja - Manusia.
Tiada yang sempurna.
Ada cacat-celanya.
cliché? Memang ya.

Jikalau semua manusia acuannya sama,
Tidakkah suram dunia?

Dan aku petik...

Off a toolbox briefing at site,

wiwit = whistle = terkena siulan = terkena pheewitt

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

50 fesyen rambut cool

Picture from HaniMoans

Gambar di atas ni kreatif. Kelakar pun ada. Hahaha.
Anyway, gaya mana yang kamu suka?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Phrase of the day

Stare all day... Then Stare all night...

I couldn't agree more!!

there will come a time when you don't know what to google, what to surf anymore...
coz you have spent so much time being online
than talking and interacting with family at home.
"Argh...!!! Bosannya!!! Nak surf ape lagi ni??"
"Wei wei korang, kasik aku site site yg best sket!"


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interior Design: Green Green!!

Yang kiri ini membuatkan tuan rumah kelihatan cam skema-skema gitu. ^^
Yang kanan pulak membuatkan tuan rumah cam ade kemodenan sikit. hehe.

Nak lukis2 kat dinding mcm ni mmg perlu fikir 2 kali. Kalau tak de bakat, jgn harap dapat jadik cantik cam atas ni okay. Huhu.
Gambar kanan pulak, I LOVE the COLORFUL chair!!! rasa nak gigit!!!

Hijau dinding sebelah ni buruk. I know. But the white book shelf makes it looks nice....

p/s: After this, mahu cari decor tema color lain pulak. Weee~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Current thinking

Selama beberapa hari jauh dari dunia latihan industri/dunia pekerjaan (sbb aku jatuh demam), aku mula berfikir…

“Adakah ini masa depan aku nanti?”
“Betulkah ini yang aku inginkan?”
Maksud aku, takkan ini saja? Pastinya ada lebih dari sekarang, kan?

Aku tak boleh bayangkan aku menjalani hidup ini dengan membuat sesuatu yang sama berulang-ulang kali, walaupun aku tahu aku akan menghadapi cabaran yang berbeza setiap hari. Bukanlah aku menyesali keputusan sendiri, malah aku berbangga. Cuma, hari demi hari, I want to do more.

Terjerat dalam rutin akhirnya akan membuat aku rimas. Tidak bosankan kamu bila melakukan perkara yang sama sahaja sepanjang hidup? Aku ini sentiasa berubah-rubah dan aku tidak suka rutin, tetapi perubahan dan expectations menakutkan aku juga!

Aku tak mahu sampai aku tak mampu menjangkau semua expectations, aku akan malu semalu-malunya kalau aku tahu yang aku berpura-pura berjaya je selama ini. Aku takut aku tak dapat menjadi sebagus yang aku fikir atau sebagus yang aku sepatutnya jadi.

Aku ada ego. Call her Summer. Seriusnya Summer macam seriusnya Cikgu English kau.

Get well soon.

Bila jatuh demam
semua jadi suram
pandangan jadi kelam
muka pun muram
kena mandi dengan air panas suam

Kepala jadi berat
hidung pula tersumbat
tekak rasa kelat
makan ubat rasa mengantuk, amat
itu tandanya perlu berehat

Ucaplah Alhamdulillah kepada Ya Rahman
Ini adalah satu Ujian
Ditarik sebentar nikmat kesihatan
Demi pengampunan dosa-dosa ringan.

I know I should stay out of this.

Wahai rakan sejawatku
Aku sedar engkau suka berkongsi cerita
Tapi tersasul keluar dari mulut itu, kadangkala
yang tidak perlu aku tahu cerita-ceritanya
Sedangkan aku dan mereka tiada kena mengena
Semua itu sebenarnya aku tidak mahu tahu
Katuplah mulutmu, jangan disebar kepada aku

Sungguhpun begitu
Aku tetap meminjamkan telinga, menongkat dagu
Berselang-seli angguk tanda setuju
Kejap-kejap suarakan pendapat aku, kejap-kejap membisu

Kadangkala terfikir juga otak ini
Adakah suatu hari
aku pula akan jadi bahan umpatanmu nanti?