Thursday, January 29, 2009


Throw my life away
Just so that you will stay
Give up everything I know
Because I refuse to let you go
No matter how dark it may be tomorrow
I’m drunk of all the sorrow that I’ve learned to swallow

As I stare into miles of open space
I stop looking at life like it’s a race
I slow down my steps I slow down my pace
And the let the dim sky light bless my face

As every step you take away
Far away from that place I stood
I dream no other day than today
If I could paint today I would
but I can’t,
I’m no artist with canvas so I can’t,
I’m no writer I’m no author so I can’t,

Throw my life
Just so you will stay
Right beside me I wish you would lay
Today… forever plus a day…

p/s - I know its kinda cliched that a rose was chosen as a pic.. but sometimes typical is the best way to go hehe

Friday, January 23, 2009

Motor, Teman Serumah & Rokok


Aku tengok orang orang yang bawa motor ni, kadang kadang menakutkan.

Main selit selit je dia tepi lori, tepi kereta, depan lori, depan kereta. Kalau silap langkah boleh free free je kena langgar. Ish.

Moon, ko esok dah boleh bawak motor, berhati hati ketika menyelit ok. Sila berhemah ok.

Satu lagi, aku tak boleh tengok orang tua bawak motor. Aku rasa kasihan. Mcm sedih.
Orang tua tak patut bawak motor bagi aku.
Sebab nanti kalau cuaca terik then pengsan masa tgh bawak motor, cenggane?

Kawan kawan semua, kalau boleh, jgn naik motor. Dan jgn benarkan ayah atok pakwe atau adik adik anda naik motor.

Sila berhati-hati ketika menaiki motor.

Bahaya. Sayangilah keluarga.

p/s: Bengang betul kalau Seth naik motor or bonceng motor dgn kawan.

Teman Serumah.

Ciri-ciri teman serumah yang baik adalah:

Tolong rakan memasak di dapur. Bukan buat dek jer… Apa kau ingat kau ni puteri or putera raja ke nak suruh orang tolong masakkan? Dah la ko pun nak makan sekali.

Menjaga kekemasan dan kebersihan rumah agar sedap mata memandang. Bukan main campak je seluar, kain, tudung, dan beg sesuka hati, Gantung air bungkus kat memane sampai berhari hari. Haih. Teruk betul. Anak siapalah tu…tu baru rumah sewa, rumah menumpang, belum rumah sendiri lagi tu. Ish ish.

“Go dutch” bila tiba waktu beli barangan rumah nak masak. Takkanlah kawan ko yg dapat elaun sikit nak bayar semua?!! Amboi amboi, banyak hodoh muka lu? Tak reti reti ke nak hulur duit, share duit beli barang rumah? Haih.

Duplicate kunci sendiri dan jaga kunci tu bebaik. Kalau kunci hilang, sila ringankan mulut pergi pinjam kunci kawan and duplicate sendiri ok? Jangan ngada-ngada nak suruh kawan ko balik cepat. Siapa suruh tak jaga kunci rumah bebaik kan? Salah sendiri la kan. =P

Bergotong-royong membersihkan rumah, mencuci bilik air. Kalau tak nak cuci, tak nak tolong, sila berambus!!
Tidak sesuka hati mengalihkan barang-barang tuan rumah. Amboi, anda tidak guna akalkah? Itu bukan rumah mak bapak pakcik makcik anda ok?

Tidak sesuka hati menggunakan kuasa veto dalam membuat keputusan. Jika orang yg ada hak dalam membuat keputusan kata “NO”, it means “NO” ok? Which part of bahasa melayu or bahasa inggeris that u don’t understand?

p/s: Jika anda tidak suka ciri-ciri di atas, sila cari rumah sewa sendiri and berambus cepat ok? Jangan pijak kepala orang yang baik hati, nescaya anda akan mendapat kesusahan di kemudian hari.


Pagi pagi je polan si polan hisap rokok.
Aku duk sebelah, terkena asap rokok. Terkena asap rokok tak kesah lah kan..
Tapi paling geram bila asap rokok tu masuk hidung aku!!! Haish!!!!

Aku ni dah la kering. Hirup pulak udara yang tak segar. *sedih*

Bagi menjaga kesihatan Seth, Summer bertekad, segala peralatan yang dijumpai yang bersangkut paut dengan rokok akan dimusnahkan dan dibuang. Tidak kira mahal macam mana sekali pun. Tidak kira di hadapan kawan kawan atau keluarga sekalipun. Pedulik apa aku!!!

Kita kaum perempuan kena tegas!! Kena ambil tindakan drastik!!

p/:s Seronok rendam rokok Seth dalam air. Lepas ni nak buang Zippo pulak.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Seth!!!

Maghrib semalam menandakan sudah masuknya umur Seth ke 24tahun.

Hari ini 17 Januari ,
Summer berada di Serdang.


Happy Birthday Abang!!

Gambar di atas itu cuba teka siapa buat?
Buat dalam pejabat, pagi Jumaat, semalam.

Oklah. Mahu beronggeng! Da~

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Over the past few days, many if not most have been talking about this idea of boycott or refusal to participate. An economic boycott was sanctioned by the Malaysian government in order to send a strong message of disagreeing with the Gaza conflict. Israel has been seen as the culprit and deemed to be the "bully" between that conflict and thus a boycott on items related to israel has been put into motion. Oh and a few minutes ago i just got a message stating that McDonalds and Starbucks are going to contribute their whole month of income ( January) towards the Israeli cause.

Over the past few days as well a few things have popped into mind regarding this matter for me. A student in one of my classes when prompted questioned: "Will it work?" (if youre wondering why an English lecturer would be talking about the conflict, its because language needs an issue.)

I stared silently into the crowd, remembering the many disputes and debates i have had with myself, my countless monologue while i commute to work.

It has always been my contention and a known fact that boycotts (1) work only in the long run (2) it is a accumulation of individual right.

When confronted with the question of boycott these two things sprung to mind. Because firstly, the conflict in Gaza has been going on for almost 60 years, some might claim even longer and there are facts to support that. And in this 60 years we have decided to begin our boycott in an era where most of our citizens have grown accustomed to the things they are asking us to boycott. I read somewhere the internet were founded by jews and so was the pentium. So to boycott israel means to not buy computers??? you figure it out.

You see boycott is a self choice. If people think that cant live without McDonalds for example, it would be hard for him or her to participate in the boycott (this is rhetorically of course). So it should be left up to personal choice. If choosing between a supposedly (israel tea) and Sabah Tea fo instance, then the better choice (assuming of course youre participating in the boycott) would be to buy the Sabah Tea. But not to the extent of throwing away your computer because the intel chip was founded by people who are supporting Israel.

The two kinds of boycott would fall under the necessity and the luxury. For example, eat local food instead of a chain store like KFC or McDonalds, drink Sabah Tea instead of Lipton or Boh (these are just examples i dont know whether they are israel based) using mustika ratu lotion instead of johnson and johnson. Yes some would argue the quality differs and that is why i leave it personal choice. If you think you cannot live without johnson and johnson lotion then dont try. Youre boycott should not in anyway put you in a discomfort. More admirable are those who allow themselves to be rid of certain or all luxuries in life which could contribute to the Isreali cause but lets be realistic, I dont think all could do so.

Which brings me to another point. Why have we chose to implement this now? If we had started 40 years ago our generation today would not have grown dependant on household names such as Johnson and Johnson, Seba, Pampers and such. But no, we decide now to do so.

Will it work? will people really stop buying for sure???

No..... people wont. So confounded are people with their current status quo that most would simply brush this idea of or give a lame excuse such as, "the neighboring countries of palestine dont give a damn so why should we?"

I see the glass as half full... so even though our so called boycott might not work because of the dependancy on foreign products, it is still a statement that we do not condone israeli violence. That we are against it and we want the UN to stand and be counted at this moment of despair. It is in this time of conflict the UN should prevail and understand that Isrealis are the bullies and even though vengeance has grown deeper and darker and even more bitter over the span of 60 years, it is time we intervene and stop the violence.

I once read an article telling this story of an Israeli soldier. Where he said three of his friends were out on patrol and during that patrol they taken/abducted and killed and heads were stuck to a stick displayed for all the israel soldiers to see. Then he went on to tell the story of how israel soldiers were being mocked by children on the border and as the kids (aged probably around 8-12) threw rocks and cursed at the israelis, the faces of their fallen comrades come into their faces and these soldiers start shooting at the children. Putting round after round into these young bodies because they were angry. In the story he said...

"I have forgotten the cause of this war, it has been so long ago that i do not remember how everything started in the first place... but as look upon the bodies of a Palestinian child bloodied guilt swarmed over me, this young body will never understand life anymore and we have taken its life..... I have forgotten the cause of this war... but even if i remember... i do not think it is worth... what ever the cause maybe... too much blood has been spilt..."

As a muslim im with my Palestinian brothers. My Muslim brothers, their suffering is mine and if we sit idly by, we are as much as guilty as the israelis who are killing innocent children. Churchill said For evil to prevail all good men have to do is nothing. So at the very least, I emphatize with my Muslim brothers.

as a human being, i do not believe any man was built to withstand guilt of killing an innocent child. And if Isrel continues its horrendous assault on the innoecent victims that now lay waste at 900 bodies, they are losing the spiritual war. They are losing themselves. They are losing the battle to remain.... Human. I do not know this for sure... but i hope that they do feel guilt of the innocent lives they have massacred because if they have no guilt... then this war will carry on until both nations lay in ruins.

One of my friends asked me.... "Do you understand this war hanafee?"

To be honest, i understand and i do not understand this war. I understand that basic need to keep what is sacred to you in your lineage. The battle for jerusalem. The battle to retain what is sacred. But what i do not understand, is why both these sides would allow innocent casualties. Why dont the Hamas move to an area further away from the civilians instead of continuing with this militant hiding in the society tactic, and why does israel continue to attack without acknowledging that innocent lives are dying. Would they prefer to kill innocent lives just to win this war?? would both the hamas and the israelis prefer to let all innocent people die before finally killing each other???

This post started with just a brief explaantion regarding this idea of boycott and this is the extension and extent of this issue. This is one war no one will win.

For the closing I take the words of the Turkish general in the Movie Kingdom of Heaven. Jerusalem -- It is everything, and nothing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Doa Qunut Nazilah

Ketika kita sibuk merancang bagaimana untuk mengakhiri tahun 2008..
Umat Islam di Gaza, Palestin mengakhiri 2008 dengan
Darah, Peluru, Bom....
2009 mereka bermula dengan
Kematian, Jeritan, Tangisan & Kekejaman...


mereka menangis menjerit hilang mak ayah abang adik..
aku senyum ketawa sibuk rancang nak shopping apa..
teruk betul.

India kena bom,
Indonesia kena bom,
Thailand kena bom,



Ya Allah, lindungilah negara aku ni...

I stumbled upon this one doa while reading online about Israel & Palestin:

Doa Qunut Nazilah.
Ia adalah sebahagian sunnah Rasulullah saw
tatkala menghadapi situasi yang menghimpit ummat ISLAM.

Mari kita hulurkan bantuan doa kepada saudara saudara seagama kita di Palestin.
Sesungguhnya Doa adalah senjata utama bagi orang-orang yang Beriman.


Wahai Tuhan kami,
sesungguhnya kami letakkan Engkau di batang leher musuh-musuh kami,
kami jadikan-Mu sebagai pendinding (kepada musuh-musuh) kami,
dan kami berlindung dengan-Mu daripada kejahatan mereka.

Wahai Tuhan kami,
binasakanlah kesempurnaan mereka,
dan pecah-belahkanlah jemaah mereka,
dan gagapkanlah perkataan mereka,
goyahkanlah pendirian mereka,
dan hantarkanlah anjing-anjing ke atas mereka dari anjing-anjing Mu,

Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Gagah Perkasa,
Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Berani,
Wahai Tuhan Yang bersifat Murka,
Tuhan yang menurunkan Kitab (al-Quran),
Tuhan yang menjalankan awan,
dan Tuhan yang menghancurkan tentera al-Ahzab,

Hancurkanlah mereka, dan bantulah kami ke atas mereka,
Amin. Amin. Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamiin..

Apa itu Qunut Nazilah?
Qunut Nazilah adalah do'a qunut ketika musibah atau kesulitan menimpa kaum Muslimin, seperti peperangan, terbunuhnya kaum Muslimin atau diserangnya kaum Muslimin oleh orang-orang kafir.

Tujuan Qunut Nazilah?
Mendo'akan kebaikan atau kemenangan bagi kaum Mukminin
dan mendo'akan kecelakaan atau kekalahan, kehancuran dan kebinasaan bagi orang-orang kafir, Musyrikin dan selainnya yang memerangi kaum Muslimin.

Hukum dan Cara melakukannya?
Qunut Nazilah ini hukumnya sunnat,
dilakukan sesudah ruku’ di raka'at terakhir pada solat wajib lima waktu berjemaah
dan hal ini dilakukan oleh Imam.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Smiling Heart

New Year comes and goes.
Some people celebrate it some people don’t.
Seth and I didn’t celebrate it this time as we were far apart.
Plus, unlike KL, there’s no off day for Jan 1st in Johor, which means I had to work.
But that was ok….

Because…. *senyum muka semut*

Seth came over to Pasir Gudang on the second day of 2009!!! Hehe.
We had to settle something in Johor, that’s why he had to come over.

And I thank God for having awesome parents.
They let me spend my weekend with Seth~
Beyond curfew. Weeee~

So apa lagi. Kami pun beronggeng sakan lah!
We didn’t even go to JB.
We just hopped from one Tesco to another Tesco, including one mall.
We watched movies. 3 movies.
We bought babies gifts for my neighbors and sent Shuwa’s watch to be fixed.
We treated ourselves with yummy food.
And shopping tak hingat dunia!! =D


I love having Seth around.
I love watching him helping my dad.
I love seeing him eating mom's cooking.
I love the way he treats my siblings.

Sometimes I’m so selfish I don’t want to share him.
But I also know I cannot always be around
It makes me sad.

Maintaining a long distance relationship is hard.
Comes the different arguments, insecurities and disagreements,
it’s going to be harder.
It needs a lot of efforts from both sides to make it works.


Having a great boyfriend makes every effort seems so...easy...
Seth is so amazing he could handle me at my worst he deserves me at my best.
He’s my secret-keeper, my hot chocolate, my glow giver, my diabolic angel.
(I keep on using those words, ain't I?) =)
I hope and pray that God let and make Hanafee and Sabrina spend another 70 years together….till Heaven. (Ni kalau lebih 40 org sebut baca dalam hati, termakbul ni. hehe. mudah-mudahan...)

p/s: Hey orang tua, I love the smell of your Dunhill Fresh and thank you for the Envy Me.


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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year.

As soon as Summer messaged me telling me to write the WBN New Year post. The first thing that came to mine was reading what my dad wrote on the first of January 1997 in his journal. He stopped writing on the 24th of July that same year and he passed away a month later. I have always used what he wrote in that book that day to start my new years and i think its time i shared it with the whole of WBN readers. So from Summer and Seth. Happy New Years, may the coming year prove to be better than those we have lived so far, and may the passing year go without any regrets. By the way, Im glad because i have spent the last two years with the best person you can ever share a year with.... i hope i get to share even more specials years with Summer. I love you Sayang. Happy New Years.

With a new year comes a new page to write in
A new light which can shine
a new moment to be great in
a new hope for new angels
a new second to start
a new moment to re-think death and living
a new moment to think of life
a new beginning to a new story
an only love to keep loving
a new fear to face
a new obstacle to overcome

With a new year comes a new page to add in the book of your life
With a new year comes
a chance to start over.....

Written by Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Juman

So for everyone.

Happy New Year.

From Seth (Hanafee) & Summer (Sabrina)