Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Perfect but Happy

Returning from the unexpected one week holiday bring smiles on my face and tears in my eyes. The 4 days off the college turned out to be 7 days. Thanks to the KL morning traffic.

I hate it when the day for me to leave comes. =( I feel like I want to be a real witch and put Seth in my pocket.

Dear Seth,

Thank you for the walks. I love walking with you to the South City. Thank you for the books. I love them. Thank you for your time and smiles even after the tiring day at work. Thank you for keeping the room and toilet clean =). Thank you for being protective while in crowded train. Thank you for the funny faces that you made to make me laugh. Thank you for the ‘choki choki’ that you bought when I was in bad mood. Thank you for having McD breakfast with me. Thank you for bringing me while you hung out with your friends. Thank you for letting me treats you. Even the Saturday started with a hurtful discovery and little storm I am glad we made it through. I “awesome” you Seth.

I’d like to say thanks to Aizat for your car. (Sorry you had to be late for work. Blame Seth. Haha)
Thanks to Norman and Kak Nurul.
Thanks to Pije, E-wolf and Hunter.


1. Unplanned decision gives you Doubt and Anxiety. But it can also bring you Happiness and Satisfaction.

2. Doing things you don’t like makes you a learner.

3. Waking up early in the morning and starting your day talking to God can make you fresher and happier.

4. Two faced people can be so into their games that they forget there are eyes watching and ears listening.

5. Knowing, finding and being informed to about something hurtful is better than being lied to.

6. Good friends treats you the same, even though you and them only meet once in a blue moon.

7. If you can’t lie, do what ever it takes not to talk.

8. Time-boxing makes you active and productive.

p/s: You are allowed to express your support and disagreement. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Topsy-turvy world

People study what they are bad at in order to be able to do what they are good at. Grown ups tell us to find out what we did wrong and never do it again.

That's odd!! It seems that in order to find out about something, you have to study it. And when you study it, you should become better at it. Why should you wanna become better at something and then never do it again?

Nobody ever tells us to study the right things we do. We're only supposed to learn from the wrong things. But we are permitted to study the right things that other people do. And sometimes we're even told to copy them.

That's cheating!

You are quite right. I do live in a topsy-turvy world. It seems like i have to do something wrong first, in order to learn from what not to do. And then, by not doing what i'm not supposed to do, perhaps i'll be right. But i'd rather be right the first time, wouldn't you?

Excerpted from Alice in a Wonderland.

If we study the bad things, we will become better at it.
If we always do the the bad things, we will absolutely become expert at it.
If we practice the bad things, well, practice makes perfect.

Same goes to the right.good.things.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

half full or half empty?

penat mencari isi hati diri ditempat baru ini...
aku berlakon sahaja kini..
apa yang aku sedang lakukan ini penting sekali...
apa yang aku lakukan ini apa yang aku kehendaki
nyata aku menipu diri...
ini bukan yang aku cintai...
half full or half empty?

p/s - taknak gambar.. malas nak carik

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay, most of you might know that im addicted to i find the concept to be amazing and i wish i had even a little courage to write things like that. In this post I'm gonna post you something that i found in the web and i think to myself. Somehow it sounds so me. So here it is.

Al-Kisah Top Up

(Warning: This is not a pleasant post)

Pada suatu petang yang panas, Moon and Summer pergi ke sebuah kedai makan untuk menempah mee goreng basah dan mee hongkong mereka. Mereka sedar yang mereka bukanlah orang yang pertama menempah, oleh sebab itu mereka sanggup tunggu dengan mood yang baik. Summer siap happy sempat makan rojak buah lagi sambil menunggu. 5 Minit kemudian, Shuwa datang ke kedai makan yang sama menempah makanannya juga.

(Take note: shuwa tempah selepas Moon dan Summer)

Tiba tiba Moon ternampak iklan kat kedai makan tu yang berbunyi “TOP UP ADA DI SINI. MINIMUM RM3”. Summer yang memang tengah cari top up pun gembira sebab akhirnya dia boleh dapatkan top up.

Terus, Summer pun pergi la tulis nombor telefon dan jumlah top up yang dia mahu. RM 10 ke nombor 01x-xxxxxxx. Summer dimaklumkan yang dia kena bayar RM10.30 sebab yang 30sen tu untuk perkhidmatan. Being Summer, she doesn’t mind la kan. “Okay” - Summer said and give the chubby guy RM10.30.

After a while, the chubby guy panggil Summer:

“Sorry, saya termasukkan RM3 tadi, dah dapat ke 3 ringgit?”

“Hmm? Owh ok. Jap ek” 2 minutes later Summer told the chubby guy “Belum dapat lagi”. Summer’s mood was still ok at that time and her smile was still lovely.

“Tapi report saya dah dapat. Patutnye awak pun dah dapat rm3 tu”. Kelihatan gusar Chubby pun menunjukkan report kat hanset sebagai bukti.

Summer yang masih tenang “Takpe, maybe sampai lambat sikit kot. Jap ek.”
2 minutes later again, “Masih tak dapat lagi” Summer said.

Chubby guy bingung.

5 minutes later Seorang lelaki kurus berbaju putih pun keluar lalu memanggil Summer dan berlakulah dialog ini. Apparently, he’s the boss of the top up service.

“Budak ni baru lagi (Pointing finger at the chubby guy and then geleng kepala). Awak tak dapat top up lagi?”


“Betul ke? Cube check hanset awak. Kat hanset saya ni dah ade report.” Terus lelaki tu tunjukkan lagi sekali report sama yang Summer dah tengok.

“Ye saya faham awak dah dapat report. Tapi memang betul pihak saya tak dapat lagi. Kalo dah dapat, saya takkan bagitau awak tak dapat” Summer called her bf to confirm. again. di depan lelaki itu.

“Ok. Hmm, saya dah masukkan RM5 tadi, yang RM5 punya awak dah dapat ke belum?”

Waktu ni, Shuwa dah dapat makanan dia. Moon muka macam pelik.

Summer called her bf. After seconds “ Ok, RM5 tu dah dapat. Tapi RM3 tu still tak dapat lagi. Kenapa awak tak masukkan RM10 je? ”

“Sbb servis ni boleh masukkan RM3, RM5, RM10 je. Ok macam ini lah, saya ni berniaga, saya pulangkan awak RM2 k?”

“Meaning, awak untung, saya rugi la ye? Awak dah dapat RM10 saya, tapi saya cume dapat top up RM5 je” (I want rm5 back. Ko dah tau aku dah tak dapat RM3, masukkan je la RM10. Dungu ke ape ko ni?)

“Masalahnye, saya dah dapat report RM 3 and RM5 ni. Patutnya awak dah dapat RM8. So betullah saya pulangkan awak RM2 je”

“Saya sekarang ni dapat RM5 je ok? RM 3 tu tak dapat.” (Which part of my malay language yang you stupido don’t understand ni?)

Summer called her bf.

“Ok. You, talk to him.” (ko nak kate aku tipu ye. Nah! amik ko. Cakap sendiri dgn bf aku)

“ takpe. Adei…saya dah 3 tahun berniaga ni kak.”

(Tau takut… bodoh punya lelaki. Aku pedulik apa ko dah 3 tahun berniaga ke apa.) Give him bitter smile and then glance at Moon and Shuwa.

“Ni mane mee saya and kawan saya ni? Kawan saya yang order lambat dari saya tu pun dah dapat. Saya nak mee saya siap cepat sekarang juga” Walked away pissed off.

After a while, Mee pun siap.
Moon pergi ambil kan mee coz I was too pissed off. I’m afraid I would turn into a B**** and said something hurtful to the man.

Sampai ke saat aku menulis blog ni, RM3 tu tak dapat lagi okay?? Babun punye lelaki.
Incident ni berlaku petang semalam dalam pukul 6.30 ptg hingga 7.30 ptg.

Damn you lelaki baju putih!!

Ni la dia contoh peniaga yang tidak berhikmah. Tau jaga poket untung sendiri tapi tak reti jaga hati customer.
Aku melayu, ko melayu.
I admit I have my typical malay moments too… however I do know how to be professional when it comes to incident like this.
*Geleng kepala* Malas nak cakap lah. Semoga bisness top up ko maju la, lelaki baju putih.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,
If you were in the lelaki baju putih shoes, what would you do?

Monday, July 7, 2008


I just had lunch with my older brother. Someone i have always rated as being underrated in means of critical thinking. People often overlook his opinions but i think he holds more bearing in terms of rationality compared to most people i know. I asked him what he thought of Anwar and he spoke of it so calmly. I remind anyone reading this that i open for debate. I am open for arguments as well. So let us see just how much really is Anwar a charismatic leader.

When i asked my brother he said to me this. "The question to ask is why..."

As if jolted by a bolt of lightning i was reminded of the fundamentals of learning. To always ask why. So here in this blog i begin by asking a few questions.

Why the Turkish Embassy? Why the rally of international support including The United States and Singapore? If he has the secret to make fuel prices lower then why does he keep it tom himself? Why does he not disclose it to the people? if he says he is fighting for the malays then why insist on fighting battles that will divide the Malay community? Why the need to involve foreign countries to the matters of nation and state?

Lets follow this issue point by point. Lets start from the beginning, lets start from what Anwar wants. He says he is the voice of democracy, that what he wants is a prosperous, democratic and just country. Now every Malaysian knows this story. The story of Ghee Hin Hai San. The story of the British intervening in our national matters because it was getting beyond what our leader could help with. So they came in under the mask of making things better. We'll fix it for you. We lost Pulau Pinang, Melaka and Singapore at that time. And again today we are faced with the same situation. Anwar holds a rally, UMNO retaliates and we end up having American Peace Keepers amongst us. Another term for Resident Gabenor (familiar names include J.W.W Birch)

The concept is the same, America sees us unfit to rule so in the name of democracy, they intervene and under the mask of (wanting a free world) they come and take away our freedom.

How do we know this is going to happen? Because it has happened before. Orang Melayu kata "benda dalam kelambu takyah cerita dekat orang." If Anwar keeps on with his snitching and telling then it would play into arms of other nations that America had no choice but to intervene.

Now the plight of the people is the rising fuel prices, Anwar claims to have the solution. Why keep it to himself? Why not do it now? Tell the government... let them do it. Why wait until he becomes prime minister? Why does he have to wait until he is in power? While waiting for Anwar to be Prime Minister Malaysians (the one he claims he is fighting for) is spending more and more money everyday. Losing the battle with large fuel corporations everyday. So why are you selfish??? Similar to a boy who knows how to multiply but refuses to tell the whole class unless he is appointed as the teacher.

He knows that rallies breeds hate. People will have their differences highlighted during these so called peaceful rallies. "The Bersih Rally" for example. Yellow shirts are with us, those who are not wearing yellow against us. Imagine a guy who was walking among them totally unaware of the reason of the rally or any political event for that matter, so he walks through the crowd to get to a Seven-11 to buy a can of coke. The yellow shirts around him starts staring at him. Their minds thinking "Pro-government lah tu nak tunjuk berani" when in reality, he doesnt even have political preferences.

Intimidated by the looks around him, he reacts in a defensive manner. And in minutes push turns to shove and violence erupts. Why would he ask the people to rally and risk violence? Why highlight the differences between us?

Kita tengok, benda ni sounds familiar ke tak. Dia jumpa US kata kerajaan "jahat". Dia balik dia suruh buat rally. Manusia-manusia bodoh buat rally, polis masuk campur pengikut pro kerajaan pun masuk campur and bergaduh. US kata "things have gotten out of hand and we need to restore democracy to Malaysia." Dalam beberapa bulan, askar dan polis America mula memasuki dan menduduki tanah air kita. Perwakilan dilantik untuk menyelia perkembangan negara. Sultan tidak lagi mempunyai pendapat. Perdana Menteri yang dipilih adalah yang memang rajin merepot pada America. Ketuanan Melayu tidak lagi wujud, kenapa? kerana USA mahukan negara multi-cultural. Negara Bangsa.

Dan kembali lah kita pada perjanjian Pangkor. "Hence forth all efforts will be put forth by the East India British Company in order to restore the nation into a prosperous nation" dan mula lah semakin ramai perwakilan mereka menduduki, merosakkan negara dan menjadikan kita barua mereka yang seterusnya.

Apa agenda kamu Anwar? Kenapa kamu mahu berada diatas sebelum kamu mahu membantu bangsa kamu sendiri? Kenapa perlu jadi perdana menteri sebelum kamu mahu menolong rakyat? Tiada pengaruh? Tiada sumber? Tidak Benar. You said in 1996 during your speech in UKM. "We can do anything we set our minds to, even without support." buktikan kata-katamu.

Right now what the people need are not prime ministers, or ministers, or parties. We need leaders. Leaders who are willing to sacrifice self-ego in order for the better good. The public good. The good of all. If Anwar insists on being in power before he starts helping the people, then what is going to stop teachers stopping to teach unless they get a raise? Whats to stop surgeons from not wanting to perform surgery because he wants to be prime minister? The only thing stopping is their oath to do their duty. A politician has no oath, no ethics like lawyers or doctors or teachers. Even under-graduate students signs a promise and oath letter to study. But not politicians they are not bounded. The only things that controls them are two things. The self-conscious and the people. The people godify Anwar. And if he wants to be in power before he starts helping the people, then we know what he has in his self-conscious.

People question Why. Why does he tell foreign nations. Why he insist on being prime minister before he starts helping the people. Im not saying the government is a hundred percent good. Maybe one day if i have time id talk to my brother about Altantuya. But similarly enough, we should not let personal agenda of the leaders be our directions.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Aku berjalan keseorangan...
langkah yang longlai dan enggan...

beberapa kali aku menoleh....
terasa kematian bergantung diudara dibelakangku...

peluhku dingin....
mungkin kerna aku takut....
mungkin kerna aku tak mahu...
enggan berdepan dengan kematian....
enggan berdepan dengan kelukaan...

aku masih ingin...
berada dalam kalangan kalian...
bersama dengan kawan...

aku masih ingin melihat beban...
yang kita angkatkan...
dengan semua asa dan kuderat diberi tuhan...

bersama kamu....

tapi kamu itu kematian.....
kamu menolak persahabatan....
aku dihalau seperti anjing berkeliaran...
dan yang selama ini aku enggan...
enggan menyerah... enggan mengalah... enggan menuturkan kata sudah.....

kukatakan sudah....
kukatakan ku pernah...
kukatakan kau telah...

dan aku berjalan... berseorangan lagi....
menuju cahaya lebih dekat pada hati...
meninggalkan kau dibelakangku...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Online Gift for Someone Special

Someone has started to be busy at the office
and I am stuck at home missing him every second of the day

Since i couldn't message or call him
(not that he doesn't allow me to
but because i don't wanna disturb him at work)

so i made him something
an online card
as an online gift

I edited the pic i got from internet
and then switch with that someone's pic
(familiarizing myself with photoshop)

it's pink. i know.
not his favorite colors.

but his smile is cute kan?