Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An undivided country

OK... this is pretty much what Me and Summer were talking about the night she lost her mood hehhe she said i should blog about it so here it is.

I am a member of a family that has always believed in democracy. In this sense, for me democracy is not about partisanship (party) but rather about the government or country. It is about patriotism. The best kind of democracy is when we give in or let another to rule because we now for a fact they can do better. So how do we know they can do better? through debate. If they are able to debate properly and well then they deserve my vote. If they talk more about how to solve the problem instead of just mentioning the problem then youve got my vote. Anwar for example spoke of rising gas prices, he's solution, "Im gonna make go down again." good or bad argument? As much as i would like to say i love democracy, i dont think our nation is ready for it. Anwar's argument was unacceptable for me. Why? because he mentions the solution to petrol hiking prices is by trusting him. That is it... A good debater would question, and whats your system for doing that??? How do you plan to do it? cutting taxes?? Raising individual taxes? Funding of subsidized fuel has to come from somewhere right? Where does it come from?

It is our mentality that when we are told something we do not question further. Summer questions and most of the time what she gets is people jeering. What kind of a nation are we turning out to be? The government lost the election because they refused to ask questions. You wanna talk about facts and numbers?? Last year alone the government succeeded in creating more than 7000 new jobs. 7000 thousand which would accumulate for almost 75% of government sponsored graduates... Did we hear the government talk about it??? NO why? because they dont read the reports handed to them. These reports were made so that you would read, educate yourself and answer questions.

Right after The Hindraf demonstration, a MIC candidate spoke of why the police needed force to end it. He stumbled on his words like he was a baby, and he is a leader!!! he even had the audacity to say "Im not there in Kuala Lumpur right now so im not really sure how their being dealt with." A leader of the nation who doesnt watch the news would not know. If he doesnt know that he simply does not care.

The worst thing about it is that its not his fault. Because we didnt raise the idea of public debate. We didnt tell our leaders that they need to be smarter. Being articulate is one thing, but being articulate and smart is a whole different matter. Essence is just as important as the delivery. So here is my take on our nation.

To be a better country we need better leaders, and to get better leaders we need leaders who are able to define the "regression" in perfectly simple manner for the country. We need leaders who ask questions and know the answers. we need them to read the report given to them. I talked to a friend about how the government is considering to halt mega projects in Penang, especially the Second Penang bridge and the PORR (Penang Outer Ring Road) and he said


and i said "Youre not worried about this??"
"Of course i am but kerajaan memang teruklah macam tu... dah nampak perangai setan dorang"
"The Penang government should talk it over with the federal government... find a compromise"
"We dont compromise... kalau tiap kali kerajaan ugut kami kena kompromi susahlah!!!"

At this point i was angered.

"It is for this reason i hate malaysian politics. It is not about compromising youre ideas or beliefs, its about compromising for the people. This two projects alone are going to create jobs that we are gonna need in the next month or so. If the price to pay for the Penang government to compromise with the federal government is so that future graduates would have job, then why dont they compromise??'

"Sebab tak guna compromise dengan kerajaan..."

"Have you ever tried it? Penang government are the ones holding leverage, the government cannot afford to put this project on hold forever, if they do they might risk losing the next general election, but it needs to be pointed out as well that the penang government took no effort of offering the government a compromise. Compromise!!! its for the good of the people. The Opposition might not like it i agree, but then again so does the federal government. But its gonna be a win for the people, and thats what government should be after. When it comes to governance, i dont care what party youre from regardless of what youre ideas are, because all i know is when you are governing you work for the people. What is wrong with the Penang Government going to the federal government and saying "Ok we know you cant halt it, we want it to run... what can we give you for you to proceed with the project?" now the government has a choice, pick something they like, or say no to the negotiations and lose the next election "Kita orang taknak apa apa kita orang just a bunch of sore losers yang taknak penang berkembang." you can see the news headline... but unless the Penang government tries to go and talk to them, nothing is going to happen.."

"So opposition kena merendahkan ego? kena pegi merayu dekat kerajaan?"

"its not begging, its opening up negotiations, if they refuse negotiations or even ask for something like 'semua menteri penang letak jawatan' then theyve already lost the next election. Why? cause the opposition can say this

'for the sake of better employment and advancement we have chosen to open negotiations with the federal government, but their request for all of us to step down is absurd, we have tried to serve for the people, to give people more jobs, to give people a better lifestyle, the government has chosen to say no...'

this speech alone will win the opposition the next election, but they have to initiate the first act of negotiation."

"whatever, kerajaan still teruk jugak.. aderker nak buat macam tu."

"that is whats wrong with our society today, we realize the fact that everyone is doing something wrong but the party comes first. The opposition comes first the UMNOs the MICs the MCAs the PASs the ADILs, that comes first, when in reality what should come first is the people."

"The leaders should be able to stand for their people, but more importantly they should also be able to kneel..." Gandhi said that.

Today our nation is divided not by democracy, but by party. The party always comes first, we forget that the very idea of patriotism is enhance the nation and not the party. Whats wrong with working with the opposition if what comes out of is going to benefit the people? Whats wrong with working with government is you create more jobs for future graduates??? Whats wrong with saying "I want it, and i know you want it too... lets talk how we both get what we want??" Its not about losing its about how to get the most out of things.

remember this... anyone who has managed to get to this paragraph... debate allows you to establish who knows more and who is more likely to do a good job. The only way to have a debate is if we have questions. How do you intend to make education free? How do you intend to make oil prices lower? How do you intend to keep creating new jobs when youre halting projects?

My dad once said to me

"They're creating better schools for the people, BISTARI, BIJAK those kinds of things..."
So i asked him "Wouldnt it be better if they just used the money to fix the level of education on the schools we already have?"
"That my son, is the right question to ask..."

Its all about questioning the leaders, questioning individuals and parties on how. How do you create more jobs>? how do you intend on going through your idea of being hard on crimes? How do you intend to help abolish corruption??

we should not settle for "Saya akan menghapuskan masalah korupsi dalam kerajaan kita.." we should only settle for what comes after that sentence... How do you do it....

I wish for an undivided country, a government that serves the people with leaders who knows the answers instead of throwing general comments at you...Dont you think that when someone tells you

"Saya akan mejadikan pendidikan negara kita percuma dengan menaikkan kadar cukai 10 peratus rakyat malaysia terkaya pada kadar 3 peratus secara tidak langsung memberikan kepada kerajaan lebih 1.4 billion wang untuk membantu masyarakat kita mendapatkan pendidikan percuma"

is better compared to when someone tells you

"saya akan menjadikan pendidikan negara kita percuma kalau anda undi saya.."

If we dont ask our leaders to be better on both sides then we will never ever be a great country. How can we reach for the stars when we're still arguing who gets to go??? Our country can be one of the greatest Islam nations in world history. We have the platform, we have the resources, now if we can find away to stop bickering about parties, then maybe, just maybe one day a hundred years from now people will write "Malaysia: Islams last hope" Or "Malaysia:The voice of global progress". But we can only do that if we serve the people, the country, the nation and not the party or ourselves.

the end

p/s - Mak aih panjangnya... Sayang... jangan turned off ok??? hheehehe i love you

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exams Fever!

29 April – Distributed System – 2.30pm till 5.30pm
30 April – Software Quality Assurance – 2.30pm till 5.00pm
6 May – Software Project Management – 9.00am till 11.00am

Exams Fever!!

I’d like to wish my darling Hanafee;
Good luck in your exams!
His exam started last Monday till next Saturday.
Jawab bebetul. Tulis cecantik.
Jgn nak cepat keluar je. Hehe.

And also to my beloved friends;
Good luck and all the best too!
Study weii… jangan tengok citer / main game je.
Aja-aja fighting!

Oh, I wanna give some tips from my mom;
Elok dibaca setiap hari selepas setiap solat
Pada masa lapang pun boleh.

Ya Rahman (100x) – Hilangkan sifat lalai/pelupa, dapat ingatan yang baik, minda cergas, bijak.
Ya A’lim (100x) – sama macam atas.
Ya Kabir (232x) – lulus dalam ujian
Ya Hakim (300x) – cergaskan akal fikiran dan mudah ingat pelajaran
Ya Latif (100x) – mohon dipenuhi kehendak dan hajat
Ya Majid (100x) – terangkan hati, jiwa dan ingatan
Ya Ghafar (100x) – hilangkan semua masalah
Ya Halim (88x) – mohon dapat kedudukan terbaik dalam peperiksaan
Ya Razak (20x) – dapat kefahaman yang mendalam
Ya Baa Sithu (300x) – mohon Berjaya dalam peperiksaan dan hidup.
Ya Muhaimin (145x) – mudah menghafal dan kuatkan ingatan

Together we excel!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spontaneous Creativity

I had always pondered writing about this. Some think that this is a just a lame excuse for not wanting to go to class but in reality i have always believed this. Someone once told me that "Leaders are born not made.." someone also said it the other way around. I believe they are born. Some leaders are just born with that charisma to make others feel secured around them and some are just hard workers who try hard to make others trust in his ability. I think the mind works in the same way. You were born to do something specific. I come from a family that instills ideas of progress comes hand in hand with what you want. It doesnt matter how much you earn or how popular you become, as long you're happy with what you're doing, you'll be just fine. My brother once told me "Im not worried about you, even if you never step into a university, you'll make it fine through life."

When i first came to UKM it took me a while to understand the concept of class and the difference between a literature class (my major) and a social class (HR minor) and this was what i came up with.

"The mind cannot be great if its liberty is girded to tightly, without liberty the mind cannot take a breath"

The mind needs to roam free and roam far. It should confound expectations and compound knowledge. Oscar wilde once wrote "Education is an admirable thing, but its worth mentioning time to time that what is worth knowing cannot be taught."

My literature classes allowed for spontaneous creativity, making judgments and decisions on the dot at the moment and try to be as original and as creative as possible. While in other classes restraints were put and i wasnt able to cope.

A friend once told me that i was different. He said "we're different you and me, I plan my steps, i make sure i know what to do next... but you... youre different... you plan in your head so you dont think first.. its good but like people say your gift can also be your curse...."

"Your the wind, cold and untied, you go where ever you want and no one can predict you... you stand your ground when it comes and when youre angry, you hurl tidal waves to beat the earth..."

I think he was right... My mind does not need to be tied down or to be restricted and i think its the same with other people... if everyone allowed their mind to roam free of the restriction that is the four walls of a classroom. Limitations that halts the progress of intellectual minds. confines the developments of the brilliant mind. Chains the domination of the hereditory genius mind to the walls.... we would all at least be brighter people.

I believe that... what do you believe in???

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poem : Eternal Place

Take me to a place where emotions are bare,
If just for a while,
take me there so i dare,
so i can smile,
so i no longer bleed,
or need....

Take me to a place where there is no tomorrow,
so i live in the moment,
without thinking of happiness and sorrow,
in days of eternal compliment,
so i no longer bleed,
or need....

Take me to a place where i can see,
moments in which i do not hurt,
i do not fear,
what lies here....
Let me bleed,
let me need,
let me lay my head to sleep eternally,
let me just die... quietly....

Hanafee Abdul Rahman (20th April 2008)

A week of mixed emotions

This week has been a confusing week. It started out great with Summer then bad things began to happen one by one. So since its a Sunday an its a big possibility i might be staying out of the sun tomorrow, so here it is, my weekend review of bad luck with glimmer or nice things here and there.

It was monday the day after my faculty dinner which went amazing. My girlfriend looked amazing and even though she insists on telling me it was a plain baju kurung, i think the effort that she came to KL dressed up and paid attention to my clothes was amazing. I liked it when she helped me with my blazer making it look good and that glimmer in her eyes when she saw me for the first time wearing something so nice and how she reacted to my like lecturer saying "Wow for once you actually look good, selalunya selekeh" she looked at me with those i-dont-mind-eyes and laughed and i looked at her and i saw the girl i fell in love with. She talked and chatted with so much class and elegance anyone could have. She held herself to such a high esteem and even had the courage to place a flower in my blazer while i was singing. Man united won against Arsenal that night 2-1 an amazing curling free kick by owen hargreaves.

little that i know that was going to be the start of a bad week. Ehem ehem
After sending Summer to the Bus Station, i left and got stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam. Yes ladies and gentlemen 3 whole hours. Thursday around 11 pm Aizad asked for a favor which left me with a car that had its brakes jammed and someone ran over it. It was getting sour. Went to the police station and it started getting bitter. This is what he said..

"Korang salah ni akta 48 halangan... mana bleh letak keta macam tu..."
"Aik? takkan kot, kita orang dah letak kon kecemasan, on emergency light... apa lagi kita orang nak buat?"
"Korang patut tunggu situ and make sure traffic pegi tepi..."
"Dah tu kalau saya tunggu situ and cina mabuk tu langgar saya nanti macam maner?"
"Kalau dia langgar kamu, dia lah salah.."

That was idiotic. simply put he was saying that my life is worth much less than a car.

Everything got downhill from there.... and tonight man united drew a game which if they won they wouldve won the title. Tomorrow is another day and I'm hoping it goes my way. Most of the time i dont curse my luck, its been great so far... im just hoping it gets better soon because if it doesnt, before the semester is over, im gonna be broken in half *sigh*.

For all of you who dont know me that well... i dont usually whine or curse... but sumtimes S**t happens and I wanna say it out loud!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Senaman Mulut

I found this while net surfing .
It's awesome.
Every word starts with K

Ketam ketip kuku kakinya. Kawan karib Ketam, Kodok, kata kepada Ketam "Kenapa kau ketip kuku kaki kau, Ketam... kenapa?"Ketam kata, "Ku ketip kuku kakiku kerana kuku kakiku kelurut...kakakku kata, kalau kuku kaki ku kelurut, kita kena ketiplah!" Kodok kentut kekeliruan. Kodok kata kekalutan,"Kadang-kadang kalau kukuku kelurut, ku ketip kenapa keluar kudis?" Ketam ketawa, Kah..kah..kah. .kah..kih. .kih..kih. .kih..Kuh..kuh..kuh. .kuh!! Kodok. .Kodok..kenapa kadar kebodohan kau ketara keterlaluan?" Kodok kata kepada Ketam, "Ketam. Kenapa kau ketawakan ku?" Ketam kilas, "Kelakar." "Kelakar ke kurang-ajar?" kata Kodok. Kerana kemarahan Kodok keterlaluan, Kodok keperok kepala ketam kuat kadar kilat."kelekuk !", kepala Ketam kehancuran kerana kena keperok Kodok. Ketam kata, "Kodok.. Kodok.. kenapa kau keperok kepalaku? Kan kesakitan."Kesian Ketam, kepala kena keperok.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Finale of War created by Medusa

Dear you, whom I used to call “Happiness”,

Hi again, this time in cyber world. How are you and your ‘man’? Hope you two are doing great! Do you know that I felt good saying Hi to you, face to face, that dinner’s night? I knew you wouldn’t initiate it, so why not us? After all, it’s a common sense, ignoring people we recognize would be impolite. It a shame that you thought we were being two-faced. But I guess, people can think whatever they want. =)

I thought I’ve declared clearly that I wanted peace. He and I wanted peace. Oh, maybe you didn’t get to read them posts. Ok I’ll just link here and here. So u can read them. Since u insisted to have a cyber war. Now let’s bring it on the final round, Medusa!

This is our response to you. Remember, we would like to clarify that we are not angry, just giving you the benefit of the doubts. There is an area within us that we keep buried deep inside. We used to have a temper, but over the years we’ve learnt to channel it to more positive things, and we don’t have an appetite for childish arguments with rage. What we DO have an appetite for though, is dealing provocations with such a grace and loveliness. Fate it seems, have always dealt us with situations where we had to take harshness, put-downs and best of all, under-estimation. =)

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to read this - your “PPBL dinner” post. But I am gonna say Wow! And thank you! I thought you were gonna write about you and your ‘man’ only. We never expected you to write something bad about other people as well. But I guess that is just so you, right? Weren’t you so full of ideas? Were you excited from seeing us, the couple you couldn’t wait to see and judge that night? Or is that your expression of usual bitterness?

Why did you write in such a vengeful manner, girl? Hmm, kesian kamu, your beautiful looks will be wasted. Come to think of this, didn’t you afraid that by writing that post, you actually let the readers see you as the EX who has uncontrollable fits of jealous rage, an EX who still can’t leave him and his new gf alone, an EX who still can’t get him out of head, and an EX who still trying her best to score points in hurting him and his new gf by pointing all the bad things to them? Nah, I think you didn’t think of those thoughts, huh? You were busy trying to be mean and nasty…too busy writing something that could hurt us when actually your remarks didn’t have an effect on us a bit, instead we laughed reading it. We even thank you. =)

Dear you, whom now I call Medusa,

I do realize that I am just an ordinary girl. I did know that I would meet with many gorgeous hot girls with clean and clear face like you. Hehe, that night, I never tried to be amazing and never hoped that people wouldn’t stop looking at me. That’s why I wore the plain baju kurung with simple scarf and I didn’t put on make up. (So which part I been perasan? Did u hear me say “Aku la paling lawa”?). Could it be that it was you who thought that way? Hehe. Funny la you. I went to the dinner for him. As long as I looked amazing in his eyes, that was enough. My intention was just to be by his side for that night. Get to know his lecturers and his friends. I am happy that they treat me nicely, before and after dinner. Oh thanks for saying I was like an old woman. I’ll take that as compliment ya. ^_^ Coz usually, when I was about to enter a cinema, the staff would say “Can I see your ID please? We just wanna make sure you are above 18”.

He does realize he is fat and he’s cool. I do realize that I am skinny and pimply. We believe that our imperfections can drive us to be perfect couple for each other. What you described him as fat egoistic guy is totally brainless. Hehe. You were his ex, weren’t you? Wait, wasn’t it you who gave the hint wanting to be his gf? I think he’s right, you just like the idea of him when in reality; you couldn’t totally accept him. How could you say such things to an ex? Let me tell you something, mirror yourself first and try to remember your history with him, how sure are you about yourself never been egoistic before? Even when you are writing that post of yours, you are being one, girl.

He performed that night because he had to, the actual performer couldn’t make it last minute. Not because he wanted to show off or something. And the dedication of song to me, that was unexpected. That’s what I love about him. And anyway, the lecturers around the table even suggested to me to give him flowers and I did. Holding hands? Hmm… Why? Were you jealous? I don’t know but maybe because you couldn’t sit in my place which was supposed to be your place if you were still with him/no one to sing and dedicate song for you/it wasn’t you who hold his hands? Or maybe, the lecturers didn’t even remember your name but they remember his? Hehe.

Dear you Ana,

He and I were really happy and glad to know that you have found your ‘man’. We thought, “oh finally, she could leave us alone”. But you proved us wrong. What was your real motive in that dinner? You sure you went and left that dinner with an open cheerful heart? Because from your writing, you let us think that you are still not happy with what you saw in that dinner; us. Whether you like or not, you have acted like we were the center of your attention that night. You observed him n me. You scanned us. And you can’t wait to blog about it next day. Like there’s something that hurt you and makes you wanna hurt us back. You do know that what u did won’t make things better, right? That you are the one who’s gonna get hurt even more by your own words. Did we do or say something bad to you that night, Ana? Is this how you return our Hi, handshake and peace?

I am not saying you irritate us, I’m saying you are pathetic. If it makes you feel good and happy to feel superior to others, then go ahead and get off on that high. In the silence of your soul, ask yourself if God would agree with your cruelty and unkindness. We are not in pain, we are not sad, we have no regrets. =)

This time, we mean real Good Bye. We declared peace. We want peace. Please, leave us alone. Be happy. Forget him. Forget me. Forget us. Get a real boyfriend, not fake one. (Yeah, I know, your girl friends told us).

Thank you Ana for everything. Thank you because you started this War, we had fun playing with you! After this, we dont wanna play anymore, hang pi la carik org lain nak main perang perang k? Thank you. Thank you so much for everything! Good bye. Mmmmuuaahh~!!!

p/s: Wow. Yeah a long post!! Kalau kau tak blah jugak and still nak carik pasal lagi dgn kitorang, aku tak tau la nak cakap ape, maybe ko "pandai". Lepas je dari ini kitorang biar kan je la ko memalukan diri sendiri yerk. Tak boleh nak tolong dah. =) May you find your Happiness!

Updates (9.41PM) : She deleted her post. Well, what can I say...hehe. Like!!! =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 movies reviews

This for all movie goers. Me and Summer watched three movies in the past week and I was supposed to write a review for all three so here it is. We watched Street Kings, Nim's Island and L change the world. Three totally different movies with different effects and we loved all three of it. So let us see how it compares.
Street Kings
Street kings featured Keanu Reeves who I haven't seen for a while. He went missing after The Matrix trilogy but then again when you earn more than 22 million per movie I guess I would have done the same too. Anyway this movie is so good in so many ways, confusing in more ways than one and violent in the most realistic manner possible. The story revolved around a hard-ass cop who has this sense of justice that is equaled only to heroes from the past. He doesn't go by the book which gets him in trouble but he gets the job done and somehow he always gets away with it. The best thing I think about this movie is that they were very realistic. They used words like "heat" for gun and "bust" for an operation which was similar to everyday police terms. I loved the fact that they didn't clean up the language and the fact that the movie revolved around the idea of good cop and bad cop. The Gory details of the shooting were amazing. You could see bullets coming through the back of someone's head and going through their nostrils. So much so Summer was scared at the idea. She's seen movies with shootings too but this were scary for her. Keanu Reeves was good and this time he wasn't asked to go flying around the world saving the world from computers so his acting was tested this time. If you watch this movie, there is this one scene where Keanu Reeves takes off his belt and wraps it around his knuckle, now everyone who has ever been in a fight before knows that if you don't have a weapon that is the best thing to use and I liked that they incorporated that idea instead of Keanu always having a gun around. I rate this movie 3 ½ stars out of 5. Its good but its not epic, a must see for movies enthusiasts.

Nim's Island.

This is a pretty good family movie that will be enjoyed by kids and grown ups alike. It's a story about a little girl and her father that lives on an island just the two of them (tell me that idea doesn't sound good, the whole island for yourself) and how they live everyday on the island. One day the father gets trapped in a storm and she was left alone to fend off people from further inhabiting the island, while a woman half way across the world is having problems with her inner self who actually is the main character of the book she's writing. A writer who writes about danger and adventure but refuses to leave her home (tell me about irony huh??) so the combination of these three different situation added with the funny cute and adorable animals and witty script writing makes it a pretty good movie. There however a few elements that looks rather over-exaggerated and this doesn't help the movie in the right direction, but then again it allows for the most minimal of imagination and the most of happy families. This movie would be good for people who love happy endings without really caring how the story got there. People who don't look into details would love this movie and the little girl was an okay actress for her debut movie. I rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars. Good, funny, comical, a little unrealistic but acceptable. Enjoyable.

L changes the world

This is the third sequel for the Death Note movie. Although I think it is also a separate movie altogether. This is a story of how another Wammy School legend was found (if you read the comic you'd know). I personally loved the comic version of death note so the fact that it wasn't according to the book was a little bit of a turn off. But the movie did have its qualities. The movie picked up where it left of within the 23 day period that L had to live. He was given a case about a virus that had killed an entire village except one boy who was then taken by F (another Wammy student) and given to L. A little girl who was also smart also played an important part in the movie. L was trying to solve every case he got within his waiting period and it was a spectacle for some. The movie was more of a telling story where L was given a more human look then just a genius who had the heart of ice. He was given emotions and his reaction in unforeseen situations was worth a laugh. Although the movie was rather tainted by a few commentators sitting behind us, we got the movie clearly, I personally would have liked if his genius-ness was highlighted by focusing more on the cases he solved but the movie was in the end not about his head but rather his heart. The ending was a little sad and I won't spoil it for you. But I could have been a lot better than it wasJ. I rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars. A good movie for Death Note enthusiast and not alike. Enjoy people!

p/s – We rate movie like LOTR trilogy, Braveheart, 300 at 5 stars hehehe

Updates from Summer

Wow! Almost a week with no updates! =)
Alright, I just got back from KL last night and I have a LOT to share with you people but unfortunately tonight I have Arabic test. So, am gonna write a short entry k?
I had a great time for the past 6 days! The weather was HOT! Very. But thank God, it’s raining in the evening.
My brother was in KL too. I was happy to know he’s around. Though we didn’t talk that much coz he is kind of The Silent One of the family. Hehe. But seeing his face and spending time at home with him around was enough for me. I love him. And I miss him.
Seth and I went to Book Fair in PWTC. They were many people! Thousands! It’s hard to walk around. Serious. We bumped into my friends (Ain, Shuwa, Gee and Inda). Shuwa and Ain had a great time “usha-ing” my boyfriend from afar. (Actually, they were very near to him. He just didn’t realize it.) Hehe.
We met two of my school mates from Samura; Melissa and Iman. We had dinner and long chit chat. We spent time with Seth’s friends too. Had a good laugh because his friends were hilarious!
Now, movies. Of course we watched movies; Nim’s Island, “L” Changes the World and also Street Kings. Am not gonna comment of all the three movies because Seth will do all the movie reviews, soon. Alright?
The highlight of the week is Seth’s Faculty’s Dinner! At Palm Garden hotel, Putrajaya. I was there for Seth. The color theme was Black, Red and Gold. When we looked into the hall, we could see sort of like Chemical Romance party! Cool, I tell you. His lecturers are sporting and vogue. Many looked like a Datin. Perhaps, they are. The students were all “stylo-mylo”, gorgeous and smart. Even though I was just a guest in that dinner, they treated me nicely (Thank you). They followed the theme and their dresses were all awesome! (Aku pakai baju kurung biasa. Tapi bukan yg selalu pakai gi kuliah lah. =p) Haha. But I don’t mind. The environment made me happy! I am sure the committee was proud of their results! Good job!
Ok. Sudah habis summary untuk 1 minggu.
Ops. One more thing, someone I call “Happiness” is trying to play with fire. Speaking of the attempt to provoke and hurt Seth and me? Ah, that girl, I feel pity for you.
Hey Happiness, I’ve read your writing girl. =) And I find it funny. Awak ada bakat jadi badut lah. Hehe. And Thank you for all the insults in your writing, though. Nah, I am not angry. =) Anyway, I’m gonna let you smile and feel great and superior about your own self first for the time being. Because I know you feel good doing it. You feel good pointing your fingers at us, the fat-egoistic-old-looking-ordinary couple, don’t u? It's ok... Enjoy what you just did. =)
Smile and laugh while you still can. Anyway, I leave a Thank you comment in your post, girl. =)

To the rest of my readers, have a good day!! Hehehe. God, I love last week!! Thank you!

p/s: alamak, macam panjang la pulak entry ni. hehe. kate tadi short. haha.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Journey Back to Kelana Jaya

Yesterday, I boarded bus at 8.30am and arrived safely in Pekeliling at 11.15am. Thank God, less dizziness in the bus coz I didn’t place my head against the head rest of the seat. Otherwise, wooziness guaranteed. I did sleep in the bus though. How did I sleep without resting my head against the head rest? That, you have to imagine. *Raise eyebrow*

There’s no one to fetch me up. Uncle, Aunt, Cousin Sis was working and Bf was tired, he needed rest. Plus I insisted I wanted to go back by myself (Ceh,konon-konon independent and understanding la. Hehe.)

And so I boarded Monorail from Pekeliling to KL Central. Then, I switched to Putra from KL Central to Taman Bahagia. And finally, took a cab to home. Only RM3.50. (Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Yes, I don’t like to take bus.) Arrived safely around 1.30pm. Then called mom, bf, uncle and cousin sis, telling them I had arrived in one piece.

Dizziness came when I was in those trains… couldn’t control it so I vomited in Taman Bahagia station’s “restroom”. =(

That’s normal (At least for me) coz it had happened before. Perhaps coz I didn’t have breakfast and lunch. But even if my stomach wasn’t empty, I would still vomit. *shrugs*

(Tulah, sape suh tak makan or beli ape2, padan muke! Dah lah keding, tak makan pulak tu!) Yeah yeah, I know. I can hear the voice at the back of your head… ^_^ Hehe.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Good Friends

Bukannya senang nak cari kawan yang baik .
Bukan senang juga nak menjadi kawan yang baik .

Kawan yang baik tidak pernah mengumpat di belakang kawan baiknya.
Kawan yang baik tidak pernah cemburu dengan kejayaan kawan baiknya.
Sebaliknya kawan yang baik lah yang paling banyak
membantu kawan baiknya untuk mencapai kejayaan.
Kawan yang baik tak pernah mempengaruhi kawan baiknya
untuk membuat perkara yang buruk dan sia-sia.
Kawan yang baik adalah orang yang selalu
menasihati kawan baik nya untuk berbuat kebaikan.
Kawan yang baik adalah orang pertama yang akan dicari
bila tiba masa sedih atau gembira.
Kawan baik menjadi tempat kita meluahkan perasaan
yang tak dapat diluahkan kepada kawan biasa.
Kawan yang baik tak pernah memaksa kawan baiknya
untuk sentiasa berada disisinya.
Kawan yang baik tak pernah melarang kawan baiknya
untuk berkawan dengan kawan yang baik .
Kawan yang baik tak pernah cemburu jika
kawan baiknya mempunyai ramai kawan baik,
kerana kawan yang baik tahu apa yang paling baik untuk kawan baiknya.
Kawan yang baik akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan
kebahagiaan kawan baiknya di dunia dan di akhirat di dalam doanya.
Kita adalah kawan yang baik jika kita faham bahawa
kawan baik kita bukanlah seorang yang sempurna.
Kita adalah kawan yang baik jika kita menjadi
kawan yang baik kepada kawan baik kita.
Kita bukanlah kawan yang baik jika kita tidak menghargai kawan baik kita,
kerana kawan yang baik akan sentiasa menghargai kawan baiknya.
Kita bukanlah kawan yang baik jika kita tidak memberitahu
perkara yang baik kepada kawan baik kita,
kerana kawan yang baik akan selalu menyampaikan
perkara yang baik kepada kawan baiknya.

Kawan yang baik akan memanjangkan naskhah ini kepada kawan-kawannya,
bukankerana terpaksa, bukan kerana suka-suka,
tetapi untuk dijadikan pedoman oleh kawan-kawannya
supaya dapat menjadi kawan yang baik kepada kawan baiknya.

Dan kalau kita hendak mendapat kawan baik yang baik,
kita mestilah terlebih dahulu menjadi
seorang kawan yang baik kepada kawan baik kita.
Dan semoga kita menjadi kawan baik yang baik!

p/s: Ayuh kawan-kawan, marilah kita menjadi kawan yang baik.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photoshop Day!

Hari ini hari Sabtu, ada bengkel belajar Adobe Photoshop
anjuran PETAKOM & group bisnes kami.
Apa lagi, aku pun sibuk sibuk belajar sama.
Dari pukul 8 pagi sampai 5 petang.
Sudah tentulah ada rehat. Haish.
(Orang lain dah lama pandai, aku baru terhegeh-hegeh. hikhik.)
Tidak mengapa, nak belajar tak boleh malu-malu. Hehe.

Di bawah ini adalah hasil pertama aku. Huahuahua.
Buruk gila.
(Ya, aku sedar)

setelah belajar dan belajar dan belajar selama satu hari suntuk
Make, di bawah ini adalah hasil ke-dua aku.
Cantik cantik
(Ya, aku sedar juga)

Di kesempatan ini juga, aku nak mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada
Mamat, Amri dan Shura
di atas segala tunjuk ajar mereka.
(Mereka dah pro)


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Words (ramblings)

Words are what keeps me company. It gives me a sense of existence and only through my writing do i truly understand why i do what i do. Only through the strains of sometimes incoherent words that i understand the need for me to keep on writing. To keep on making people read the words that i most of the time i keep for myself. My mother once said to me that "Your words are God's gift to you, share it.." So i keep writing. I keep writing and composing sentences hoping that maybe one day people would understand that my gift to humanity are my words.

My gift to humanity is to make them see the addictive affect of the words. Some people spend their whole lives writing and never understanding why they write. Who are they writing for. What they're writing for. I said to a group of young people the other day, whats the point of speaking in public if what you say is going to be forgotten entirely? What the point of writing an assignment if it is meant to be kept away in a dustbin? Whats the point of writing at all if you cant pour your heart and soul to every word that you believe in? Whats the point of writing if you dont even try to be different?

I dont want to be "general", i dont want to be the same, i do not want to conform, i dont want to be average, and i refuse to be tied down. I just want to write......

Let me write my words, let me tell the world what i know. Let me compose stories for you that will take you flying to the ends of the world. Let me write poems that will tease your tears. Let me compose my ideas that will make you think of more ideas. Let me type the words that eases the mind, let me write between and across lines and boundaries, let me use the whole page of paper as it is and not how you tell me to. Let me write in cursives, let me write in bold. Let me be bold when i write. Let me write about life, love and hate, war and peace, heart and soul, fiction and true, magical and fantasy, motivational and inspirational. Just... let me write...

I have been a literature student for three years. I have been taught to write about what is asked of you. Write what we tell you to write. If i have learned anything in my three years here... it is this....

I want to write about anything and everything i want to. I want to write about suicide and poverty, i want to write about euthanasia and genocide. I want to write about myself and I. I want to write like im singing. I want to sing like im writing. I want to understand why i write.... so the next time i write.... i might find the answer that i have asked myself since i can remember...

"Why do I write??"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ah Long Pte. Ltd

Ah Long Pte. Ltd is funny! Not as funny as CJ7 though but still it’s witty and hilarious. It is a movie from Singapore.
And if you are aware about the scenarios of Malaysian politics, you will notice that the movie resembles some of our country’s political scenes. That’s why it’s funny!
Plus, in the cinema, you will be taught indirectly, to view the world from Ah Long’s perspective. Hehe.
Anyway, Ah Long gang got their own theme song you know… hahaha.
Have you ever seen a pretty girl as Ah Long’s gang LEADER? Ha…..
Go and watch it! Tidak rugi wang kamu, percayalah!

Templates Addiction

I love colors. I love cute stuff. And I’ve always been addicted to sweet wonderful templates. The picture shows some of my favorites.I plan to use them in the future. Change the blog’s skin based on my mood, perhaps? Hehe.
Alright, for those who want to change their blog skins, here I recommend sites that you can do skin-shopping!
So.. enjoy and happy templates browsing, people!