Friday, December 15, 2006

I do

Everything i've said had its purpose. Same goes to the things i didn't say. The message is there, said or not. Everyone does this. Most of them don't do it intentionally. I do.

I'll just change d name to protect the innocent, or maybe just say I'm changing d name to make them think the innocent has been protected. Until then, enjoy your days and remember the past or the future doesn’t really exist. They can only be made in the mind. Regret nothing from yester-events and don’t fear anything up and coming, because the only place is here and the only time is now.

giving opinions n correcting faults

To give a person one’s opinion and correct his faults is an important thing. It is compassionate and comes first in matters of service. But the way of doing this is extremely difficult. To discover the good and the bad points of a person is an easy thing, and to give an opinion concerning them is easy too. For the most part, people think that they are being kind by saying the things that others find distasteful or difficult to say. But if it is not received well, they think that there’s nothing more to be done. This is completely worthless. It is the same as bringing shame to a person by slandering him. it is nothing more than getting it off one’s chest.

To give a person an opinion, one must first judge well whether that person is of the disposition to receive it or not. one must become close with him and make sure that he continually trust one’s word. Approaching subjects that are dear to him, seek the best way to speak and to be well understood. Judge the occasion, and determine whether it is better by letter or at the time of leave-taking. Praise his good points and use every device to encourage him, perhaps by talking bout one’s own faults without touching on his, but so that they will occur to him. Have him receive this in a way that a man would drink water when his throat is dry, and it will be an opinion that will correct faults.

This is extremely difficult. if a person’s faults is a habit of some years prior by and large, it wont be remedied. By bringing shame to a person, how could one expect to make him a better man?


In carefully scrutinizing the affairs of the past, we find that there are many different opinions about them, and that there are some things that are quite unclear. It is better to regard such things as unknowable. As for the things that we dun understand, there are ways of understanding them. furthermore, there are some things we understand juz naturally, and again some that we cant understand no matter how hard we try. This is interesting. This is very profound. It is natural that one cannot understand deep and hidden things. Those things that are easily understood are rather shallow.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Somewhere between the *procrastination* and the homework..

and the incessant forwards
and the friendships and the calls
to each other complaining about CrUsHeS and
BF/GF!! Somewhere between the phone calls to old
friends and the "I miss you's", the "I love you's" and
the "What are we doing tonight's?" And somewhere
between all of the changing and growing...
somewhere between the classes and the skipping
classes...and the StUdYiNg for teStS...And the
PRETENDING to "StUdY" for TeStS...
And the downright NOT StUdYiNg for TeStS...

I forgot--I forgot what ScHooL was all about.
Somewhere between all the appointments, starbuck coffee,
and Mc Donald's... paying bills and then not paying bills...
Making plans then breaking plans... Appearing, Disappearing,
then reappearing... I forgot--I forgot what it was like to cry.
I forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't make you
happy... And that pretending to
be SmArT doesn't make you smart .. I forgot
that you can't just forget the past in
fear of the FUTURE... I forgot that you
can't control falling in LoVe..
And that you can't make yourself fall in *LoVe*
.... I learned that I can LOVE... I
learned that it's okay to MEsS UP....
And it's okay to ask for HELP!!!.. And it's
okay to feel like crap... I learned it's okay to cOmPLaiN
and wHINe to all your friends for a whole day........
I learned that sometimes the things you want
most you just can't have and the things that
you look for are right in front of you.
I learned that the greatest thing about
HiGh ScHOoL and CoLLeGe and the working world
it isn't about the parties or the
DRiNKiNG or the Hookups ...
It's the *FrIeNdShIpS*, which means taking chances.

I learned that sometimes the things we want to forget
are the things which we most need to talk about...
I learned that TIME and LOVE can heal all things...
I learned that just when you think it can't get worse - it does! ...
but with the love and support of friends - you survive...
I've learned that when you start feeling BaD
about L O S I N G touch and about those that you've lost!
They too, are feeling the same way....
I learned that letters from friends are the
most important things. And that sending cards to your
friends makes you feel better! But, basically, I just learned
that my friends........ Both old and new..... are the most important
people to me in the world AND.......without them, I wouldn't be who

I am today.....
So this is a THANK YOU to all of my friends...

For always being there. And even if we're not on good terms
or we have lost touch... I will always have an unconditional
love for you.. ~Always and forever ~

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

new guest

he was stretching before last night in the middle of his room, eyes closed, and he imagined her laying beside him. he guess this was both a vision of an actual future and a way to prepare for a new guest coming into his world. Either way he was laying on his back, then he looked to his right and there she was, laying on her back too, looking back at him. 

secret keeper. glow giver.

 Secret- keeper. Glow-giver.

[He calls me his muse. His angel. For I am the one who stands behind him, looking over his shoulder, whispering Secrets of Happiness in his ear. That I am the one who fills him up with hope and touches his heart with light.
"Where did you come from, my sweetheart,” he asks.
And I have no answer for him. But every time those words leave his lips, I soar to the highest mountain, fly towards cloud nine where a soft Golden Glow fills me up and lifts me up inside.
Strangely Happy, is what you can call this. Strange. Because it came out of Nowhere. Fills us up with Nowhere Happiness and takes us to Nowhere Land.
It is going Nowhere.
And yet we struggle on. Clinging to each other for little snatches of Happiness. Stubbornly trying to make sense of all the feelings we have for each other. Which we never reveal. Only mentioning the Little Things. And keeping the Big Things inside.
I miss you. I wish I was there with you. I care for you.
And with all those feelings, there is an incredible sense of helplessness because no matter how much we care for each other, yearn for each other, want each other, we cannot fight Reality. We can't fight the Real World.
Where he goes, she goes. Where I am, there they are.
No escape.
But I still stand there. Behind him. Tirelessly whispering in his ear, all the Secrets that I know, just to see that smile, just to hear those words, just to feel that feeling, even if those Secrets were for her.
She. Who doesn't seem to know.
Secret- keeper. Glow-giver.
My secrets. To make her happy. Make him happy.
My secrets. Happiness. With a touch of poison. (With every taste, you'll die inside. Just a little. I promise…) He hangs on to me, for the Butterflies, as much as I live for his Glow. But there was a time, when I finally stopped whispering and told him, I needed to go.
If you want me to.
Things will be easier. For you.
Please don't… erase me. And there were tears. Disbelief. Pain.
I hardened my heart at his words. It's not that difficult to erase somebody, I told him. Life is all about erasing, forgetting. And it's not for me. It is for you. But we both know, I wouldn't erase him. And he couldn't erase me. Not yet.
Every day my heart trembles with Happy Butterflies when he calls. When I hear his voice, barely concealing his Golden Happiness.
And so we struggle on. The Secret Keeper and the Glow Giver. Blissfully happy in each other's Temporary Company. Blissfully trying to forget that one day, The Time will come.
The Time when I will run out of Secrets. And Happiness with a Touch of Poison. (With every taste, you'll die inside. Just a little. I promise...) The Time when he will run out of Glow. And we will forget all about the Butterflies and the Golden Glow and how much we fought the Real World.
Until The Time came.
And Temporary, is what it always was, what it always has been.
Just… temporary. ]

-tq and credit to the witchinghour-

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

heart and words

Meeting with people should be a matter of quickly grasping their temperament and reacting appropriately to this person and that. Especially with an extremely argumentative person, after yielding considerably one should argue him down with superior logic, but without sounding harsh, and in a fashion that will allow no resentment to be left afterwards. This is a function of both the heart and words.