Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deactivate Facebook?

I no longer have a facebook account. Few weeks ago, I deactivated it. Not sure whether can delete it entirely, but nevermind, will figure it out later.

I have no facebook. And i am not ashamed to admit it. Yay! Goodbye my 9 year old FB. Hihi

Dapat soalan² dan statement² yg hampir sama aja dari rakan² dan teman²... maka, bawah ni jawapan² bagi merungkaikan semuanya.  

Kenapa deactivate FB? Apa sebab?
I am just not interested to be on Facebook anymore. I wasn't that active in FB anyway. So... ah, baik tak payah ade FB kan? 

Nak lari dari siapa?
Tak lari dari siapa². I just wanna stay... low? 

Siapa suruh delete? Ha...gaduh dgn pakwe ler tu.
Tiada siapa² suruh delete. Tiada siapa² yg mempengaruhi utk deactivate FB. Tiada pakwe, maka tiada pergaduhan. Chill. 

Ish, kan sekarang banyak info dalam FB. 
Yes, betul. But info yg sama pun boleh dapat dari sumber² lain juga anyway. 

Tiada FB... business marketing macam mana?
Business marketing masih boleh diteruskan guna cara lain. Yakin Allah bagi rezeki.  

Tidak rasa rugi ke bila takde FB?
Tidak. Rasa untung; save money dari shopping di FB?  Hihi. 

Apahal nak anti-social pulak?
Bukan anti-social. I do not depend on FB to be social. 

Macam mana nak keep in touch nanti?
I am still reachable via phone call, email, whatsapp. And jumpa depan² kan boleh? =)

Apakah perasaan selepas tiada FB?
Calm. Bebas! Alhamdulillah!

Akan activate semula tak?
Tidak pasti. Mungkin tidak. i hope i'd stay deactivated for good. 

Friday, June 30, 2017


I once knew a storyteller, who told stories to the people around him. Because he believed that reality can sometimes be cruel, so he wrote in verses and hymns. He spoke of beauty and of heart, he spoke of courage and of honor and of art. He steadily as the sun shone and as honestly as the rain falls, straight down bothered only by the wind that blows. Even then, with the wind, the rain was not hindered but rather danced with the wind.

I once knew a storyteller who made people laugh. People smile, tilt their head to the side and awed at his ability to tell a story with candor and finesse.

Then something happened to the very same storyteller. After some time he grew dark and he grew dim. And slowly his stories faded. And replaced by reality. When people asked what happened, he said "the world needs the truth, if we shield our children with fairy-tales and stories, they will never grow knowing what the world is actually like."

So he stopped telling stories, and talked about the worst things in life, the hands that were stained with blood in the name of God, the definition of friendship as seen by the devil, a vessel fit for two in happy times and only fitting for one in turbulent times.

So one day as the storyteller sat across a table with drink in hand in front of me, I was overwhelmed by the need and curiosity to ask him:- "What happened?"

and he said....

"I grew up..."

The storyteller was now a man.

And when he was little, he spoke of many things, true and untrue, but mostly of beauty and heart, of courage, of honor and of art. As he grew the world robbed him of his imagination. And now he has stopped telling the stories. Now he tells people what he believes to be necessary. He doesn't tell stories anymore. And do you know what you call a storyteller who doesn't tell stories?

A person who whines.

'Posted by' jadi tak betul sudahhh

Aiseyy... I was trying to update the labels for Hanafee's old posts and when i changed the labels suddenly all the posts with his signatures became my signature!

It should be "Posted by Hanafee"... now dah jadi "Posted by Sabrina" pulakkk. Apa ni blogspot?! What have you done? Kan dah tak betulll.... padahal bukan sab yg tulis pun... ish, tak suka lah bila info jadi tidak tepat ni. Boleh mengelirukan orang tau. 

Hahaha. Little things like this pun nak emo. Kikikiki. 
Takdelah.. emo few secs je, bukan emo 24hours... LOL. 

Anyway, for old posts, trust the label ok - if it says Hanafee's writings, then it is. Just ignore 'Posted By Sabrina' tu. Grrr, 

Hmm... or maybe i will just hide the "Posted by" 
Settle. Hihi

Ok da~ 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Syawal 1438H


It's already the 5th day of Eid Al-Fitr. 
Hope it's still not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya!!

How's your raya? Seronok? Bosan? Biasa je?

Tahun ni, tahun ke-5 Sab and Hanee sambut raya without Daddy. But it's okayyy. We still have Atoks, Uncles and Brothers around~ =) 

Raya di Johor aja kita. Bila ntah dapat raya jauh. Adakah rezeki? Hanya Allah yg Maha Tahu. 
Dulu berangan nak raya Kedah.. berangan nak raya Sabah... coz of late husband's parents asalnya dari Kedah and Sabah. Tapi tinggal angan-angan aja lah. Huhu. 

It's okay, kalau Sab panjang umur, memang Sab akan bawak Hanee pergi Sabah sana. Amin! But one of late husband's uncle that's in my list to meet sudah passed away last week.. I remember him cause dia datang dari jauh to our wedding in 2011. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiuunn. =(

This year i did not buy any baju raya for myself. Kasut raya pun tiada. Bukan sebab dah beli awal atau apa. Memang tak beli pun. This year, i pakai apa yang ada and i felt happy and bersyukur. =)

However i did buy baju raya for Hanee. kat Tesco. Hahaha, kelakar rasanya. Tiada apa yang nak dimalukan anyway, still cute and cantik-cantik apa. Murah lagi. Adalah 2 pasang baju kurung cotton bunga-bunga and beberapa baju jalan.

And rupa-rupanya, itulah perasaannya... apabila emak abah tidak kisah mereka tiada baju baru, asalkan anak dapat baju baru..kasut raya baru.. =)

Hmm, teringat dulu kecik-kecik, emak abah selalu macam dapat bagi apa yang sab nak... padahal entah-entah mak abah susah payah cari duit supaya sab and adik beradik dapat apa yang kami nak.. =(

Anyway, am still not sure whether this year nak buat open house or not. We'll see lah whether got budget terlebih. Not wajib pun kan? =P . Plus, my house is always open for kawan-kawan to come visit and lepak apa... tak perlu tunggu raya to open the house. Hihi. 

Before i end this post, jomlah kita kumpul duit for ibadah Korban pula ok? Tak dapat seekor, sebahagian pun tidak apa.

Okies bai~ 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hanee turns Four!


11th April, Daddy's Orked; Hanee Hanafee turns Four!
I take a day off from work to spend time with my daughter. This year, mommy tak order cake pun. Because... Why birthday mesti ada cake? Why? Why? So no cake this year, for a change. Hahaha. Teruk punya mommy. Kiki. 

Usually for the last three years, i would order birthday cakes from aunty Shaleen. Loyal customer tau. Hihi.

Yesterday, aunty Jane bagi Hanee hadiah toys doctor². She cried coz she was expecting toys princess². Adei... Suruh cakap thank you kat aunty Jane pun dia tak nak. Bertuah punya anak. And then after hantar aunty Jane balik, we hunted for toys princess², tetiba dia nampak toys pizza², as always, dia nak beli dua²! Being a mother, of course i said no, choose one only, and we ended up buying the pizza toys.

And then bila da dlm kereta, dia siap bilang... "Doctor ada, pizza ada, princess belum". Facepalm mommy okay. "u already have princess toys last year. But u didnt play it that much. Mintak toys yg awk nak main sahaja okay" "okay...i am sorry mommy" 

Sometimes i wonder whether i pamper her? But i have tried my very best to be the best version of cool mother any kid would love to have. Hahaha. Ok gebang je lebih. 

In reality, i am garang nak mampos. Kasar tak ingat dunia. To her. And any family members wouldn't deny it. They have witnessed it, the monster-mother side of me. And i am not proud of that, i tell u. I am not. 

I feel bad. I feel like everyday i am sinning... coz of the way i treat and jaga her. With her status as anak yatim. Sudahlah memang diri byk dosa² lain.. I dont know.. i can do better. I am better than this. But the fact that Allah chose me as her mother... And she as my daughter... That means something.. something i should be thankful for. We are best for each other. I didnt pick her. She didnt pick me. We are destined for each other. AllahuAkbar. 

So on this beautiful day, this is my wish, hope n prayer for u Hanee: 

I pray u to grow up dgn sihat sempurna tubuh badan, akal fikiran. 

I pray u to be wiser and matured and independent beyond your age, coz i dont know how long am gonna be around..

I pray u to always remember Allah, ok right now maybe u dont know what Allah Tuhan God is, but sooner or later u will know. And when the time comes.. i want u to learn about Islam by heart. Be solehah by heart. 

I pray u to always be protected by Allah, guided by Allah. 

I pray u to have a big heart and forgive mommy and daddy, maktok, tok abah, uncles, aunties, everyone that have hurt u intentionally or unintentionally. Pls forgive us, sayang. 

And i want u to know that i am sorry for everything and i love u with all my heart. I hurt u, i am mad at u, all that because i dont want u to be like me. I want u to be better than me. 

Happy 4th Birthday Hanee sayang. 
4 years and counting.
We have gone this far and we are gonna keep on dancing and rocking, dear!

I love u Hanee, my baby superhero. I do. 

Hugs and kisses,
Your Mommy Wonderwoman

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Recap 2016

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum~ *smiles*

Rinduuunyaaaa kat blog ni. Kalau blog ni manusia, dah peluk peluk dah. hahaha.

Wow. We are in 2017 already. I started blogging in 2006/2007 if am not mistaken.... so pejam celik pejam celik lebih kurang 10 tahun! Dari zaman single belum kawin, sampailah ke zaman single semulaaa.... hihihi.

Anyway, biasalah kan... bila dah beralih tahun, mulalah ada azam nak update blog yg dah berhabuk ni... nak buat itulah...nak buat ini lah.. but istiqomahnya ke lautt.... hihihi. Marilah doakan ia tak ke laut this time okeh.

How was your new year, my dear readers? Hopefully, everything went well for you. Kalaupun ada yang tak best berlaku for the past few days of this 2017, remember that what Allah SWT has written for us, is always the best one. =)

Since i dont write that much in 2016, i'd like to recap everything that had happened in 2016 in this post. So that over the years nanti, i believe, when i read back, it will make me smiles. Kan? Kan? Tadi, sebelum tulis post ni pun, saje baca dulu posts yg lepas lepas, tahun tahun sudah, saje jalan jalan kat memori yg dulu. bukan nak sedih atau apa, kadang-kadang pengalaman dan kejadian yg lepas-lepas tu la yg menjadikan kita lebih dewasa matang macam sekarang ni. Eh betul ke dah matang ni? *tgn kat mulut*. Anggap jelah sudahhhh.. Hahahhaa.

So here's my 2016 recap.

Jan 2016 - My younger sister, Syahirah, got married to her husband Taufik. They met in Birmingham, UK. Padahal sebenarnya diorang satu sekolah rendah masa kecik. Tapi masa kecik2 diorang tak kenal each other pun. I am so bersyukur my younger sister dapat orang yg beriman, baik, bertanggungjawab,boleh diharapkan dan dipercayai. Eh, puji lebih2 pulak adik ipor. Hahahah. Betullah. Alhamdulillah. I am happy so happy for her. She is indeed seorang anak perempuan yg baik, so she deserves lelaki yang baik juga. Semoga kekal bahagia sampai bila-bila. Aamiin. =)

Feb 2016 -  Start cuci rumah baru and check rumah. Installed kitchen rumah baru. My high school friend from Samura came visit. I tried pajak emas for the first time. Bought my first orange Prada.

Mar 2016 -  Started jual Dexandra Perfumes. Mak Suwi (Hanafee's aunt) and her family came visit Hanee. My birthday month~ Legoland Drypark Waterpark with Hanee. Free tickets from boss En Rahim.

Apr 2016 - Hanee's birth month! She turned 3 years old. Small celebration at parents' home. Joined SHOM and became a part of The Diamond Circle team (TDC).

May 2016 - Hanee dapat cousin boy, Adi! My younger brother became a father. I became Sales Manager in SHOM for achieving 20k sales. Start extend dapur utk rumah baru. Start cat dalam rumah, abah yang cat with uncle Dino. Start busy with TDC classes. Start being a Premium Beautiful Expert and user. =)

June 2016 - Ramadhan month. Hello Kitty and Thomas Park with the kids; Hanee, Danial, Wafiy and Intan before Ramadhan. Langsir utk rumah baru semua bilik semua ruang siap dipasang. Bought my first black Marc Jacobs. Mr. Safety muncul. Was admitted and hospitalized in KPJ Pasir Gudang. First minor operation at neck. Alhamdulillah. Tidak ada apa-apa, cuma reactive lymph node sahaja.

July 2016 - Syawal month. Hari Raya first in Segamat. Wooden floor at parents house rosak due to paip pecah masa raya. So 2nd daya hari raya, we moved into my new house. Tak plan nak masuk rumah baru pun sebenarnya. But things happened and bermulalah tidur di rumah baru.... nasib baik rumah dah dicuci, langsir dah dipasang and dapur dah siap. Syukur Alhamdulillah. First hari raya at new home with family belah Mak. Organized open house kat rumah baru for family and friends.

Aug 2016 - Hanee's first month in day care! Sri Kamariah's at Taman Bukit Dahlia. Alhamdulillah she's ok. This is also the month that i started to live alone, just Hanee and Mommy. My girlfriend's wedding, Mashe. Received award from SHOM for Sales Manager. Get together with Daddy's family; late husband's brothers. Short visits jumpa Emi and Nana best roomies. Tried contact lenses for the first time and loving it! Cut my hair, looks cuter and younger. haha.

Sep 2016 - Korban month. Alhamdulillah dapat buat korban. My uncle's wedding in Kelantan, Pak Ude's new wife is just 3 years older than me! Hehehe. We went to his wedding by train. And taubat tak nak pergi Kelantan naik train dah. Crossed path with high school's ex in instagram. Haha.

Oct 2016 - Cut Hanee's hair short like a boy. Syirah's balik from labuan, utk bersalin di Johor. Family vacation in Hibiscus Lexis, PD. Best best, rumah atas air. Swimming pool atas laut. Gold biz meet up with primary school friend Usop. Tried make-up plus app for the first time. Jakun. Org lain dah lama guna, kita baru nak try. Haha. Si puteh gave birth to Leopard and Grey on 1st Muharram 1438, kat bilik bawah at my home, after mak solat zohor. =)

Nov 2016 - Hanee dapat cousin boy, Fateh! My younger sister became a mother. Had facial treatment with high school's friend Pika Amani. Went to Hanee's shrek-tacular party organized by her kindy at Thistle Hotel, JB. Had bekam darah for the first also. Went to Ebit Lew's talk in MMHE.

Dec 2016 - Hanee tak pergi day care sebulan this month. Coz maktok, atok abah, danial, syirah and fateh stays in Kiara with us. Was referred to KPJ Pasir Gudang again. But Alhamdulillah, tests results was ok. Tidak ada apa-apa yg perlu dirisaukan. Mr. Safety hilang. Went to TDC Power Training part 2 in Klang. Attending beYOUtiful night with girlfriend Mashe. Ditched ticket flights and took a car journey with good friend D. Closing the year with Jom Usrah Class.  

Fuh, that's it. A recap of 2016. How did i remember all these events? Thanks to photo albums and chat histories. Sebenarnya tahun 2016 tak ended dgn begitu cantik pun sbb ade kejadian kehilangan di situ. But i dont wanna focus on that. Cerita kehilangan cinta kita tulis post lain ok? Hihihi. I just want to bersyukur for everything that had happened, good and bad, happy and sad. I believe semua ada hikmah. Kita fikir baik, kita sangka baik ok?

So, oklah. Ini lah post pertama utk tahun baru 2017. Selamat Tahun 2017 to you!
Stay in love with whatever and whoever that you love this year! *winks*


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello 2016

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Selamat Tahun 2016!

How was your last five days of new year? Semoga semua selamat dan dipermudahkan dan dalam rahmat kasih sayang Allah. =)

Sab nak inform ni.. that on 17th January... i am going to change this blog name to BubblySabrina. So the new URL will be

This is an early notice so you could do the needful like updating my blog URL in your bloglist perhaps? Hihi. Itupun kalau anda masih ingin follow blog hamba yg tak seberapa ni..huhu.

17th January adalah sempena hari kelahiran Arwah Hanafee. 31 tahun. Ya Allah rahmatilah rohnya Hanafee Abdul Rahman. Amiin.

Anyway... my 2015 was full of ups downs.. which is normal and semua org pun begitu. Being me.. i always wanna focus and remember beautiful things. Negative thoughts are there, lumrah manusia, don't we all have it? Nevertheless.. I force myself to find and see the good side of everything. No matter how sad or shameful some situations were.. i view it as lessons from Allah. And so Alhamdulillah. *smiles*

So apa yg beautiful things nye dalam tahun 2015 tu?
Ini diaaaa:
  1. Jan 2015. Started to pay for new house. Cari pasal tambah hutang besar elok elok hutang sikit je. Haha. Takpelah. This is a good debt kan? Hihi. In sha Allah by end Q1 2016 akan dapat kunci.
  2. March 2015. Registered as UEG Network Dealer. Dapat upah 10 dirham buat ebook UEG.
  3. Mar 2015. Anniversary of me being a stokist susu kambing of Mummylicious. Still able to jual walaupun jarang promote online. Huhu
  4. April 2015. Hanee turns two! Small family celebration kat rumah. And funny thing was rupanya design kek yg dipilih sama dgn yg masa umur 1 tahun! Hahaha. Apelah mommy ni!
  5. April 2015. Arrival of "The Ha? Pilot." Hihi.
  6. May 2015. Created a Witty Bubbly Nerdy facebook page. Kononnya nak promote emas, susu and preloved items di situ. 
  7. May 2015. My younger brother's convocation in Melaka. We stayed in Melaka. Hotel ape ntah lupa namanya. Hanee seronok mandi swimming pool. 
  8. June 2015. Err.. i forgot what happened. Haha. Owh. It's Ramadhan. 
  9. July 2015. Raya in Paklong's. Subang Galaxy. 
  10. Aug 2015. Departure of "The Ha? Pilot." Safe journey you! *winks*
  11. Aug 2015. My younger brother got married to his wife; Yati. And rupanya Yati's sister was my senior in high school SSI. Haha. What a small world!
  12. Aug 2015. Mother-Daughter Love-Hate relationship; heartbreaking dispute.
  13. Sep 2015. Went to ESQ165. Boss UEG sponsor. Emotional Spiritual. Mendidik Allah Iman Islam dalam hati. 
  14. Sep 2015. My parents went for Hajj.
  15. Sep 2015. A rainbow knocks on my door. Hihi. 
  16. Sep 2015. Angry bird park! Hanee and w.i.w.
  17. Oct 2015. Went to high school SSI just to visit my favorite teachers; Cikgu Shakir and Pn. Kalthom. Cikgu cikgu lain ramai dah pindahh.. =( I miss cikgu ujang.. cikgu wan and cikgu Naimas.. 
  18. Oct 2015. Parents back from Hajj safely despite many sad news. Alhamdulillah
  19. Nov 2015. First time keluarkan zakat emas. Alhamdulillah. 
  20. Nov 2015. Cari pokok, fish feeding and bubbles! Hanee and w.i.w.
  21. Dec 2015. My younger sister pulak got married. I now have BIL and SIL. Welcome to our funny crazy family, Yati and Taufik. =) 

Whooaa. Panjang list. I am sure there are many more cuma tak ter-retrieve at this moment. Hihi. 

I suggest you list them down too so we can be grateful for everything. Bersyukur masih diberi nyawa..nikmat tidak terhingga.. Alhamdulillah.. moga kita menjadi lebih baik tahun 2016 ini.

Walau apa pun yang terjadi.. baik atau buruk.. percayalah semua itu tidak sia-sia dan ada hikmahnya. =)